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Report: BMW i doesn’t want to do EVs any more, wants to shift focus to autonomous driving

It seems BMW i’s mission to produce more EVs and hybrids isn’t exactly going well, so BMW i instead will be shifting their focus toward autonomous driving technology, according to Reuters, who heard from BMW’s board member, Klaus Froehlich. Could this mean the EV and hybrid wars are slowing? You know, because EVs, although great […]

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Report: Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

It can be said that many of these boring bits of news regarding personnel changes are often harbingers and signs of things to come. And this latest development from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggest exactly that as they both report of four key members from BMW’s i team jumping ship for a new Chinese-based startup. […]

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Report: Production BMW i8 Spyder imminent according to Kruger

LeftLaneNews received the scoop on the BMW i8 Spyder in regards to its transition from concept form to production. And in this scoop, word via Germany media, Handelsblatt, is the version of the i8 with its head shaved off is imminently pending production status, after being originally introduced at the 2012 New York Auto Show. As expected, the […]

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Report: More rumors hail in about the potential BMW i5 addition to the i line

Rumors in the past of an additional BMW i model to slot in between the i3 and i8 have been floating about for quite some time and to keep them fresh, AutoCar reports BMW’s new i5 could either take form as an elongated i3 or possibly a new sedan. According to the report, BMW’s new i5 […]

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Report: BMW ‘s CEO confirms a third i model

German media, Die Zeit, recently spoke with BMW’s current head honcho who confirmed the eventual arrival of a third addition to the BMW i lineup. Previous rumors pointed to the possibility of a new i5 model to sit in between the i3 and the i8 with the premise that the i5 would be a more spacious and larger […]

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Report: A BMW i5 is on the way…?

BMW enthusiast site, BMW Blog reports Munich’s i brand will be unveiling a new i5 in 2018. Supposedly to be based on an extended 5-Series, the new i5 should gain a plug-in hybrid powertrain modeled after the one from the 5-Series GT hybrid concept. To recap, that setup had a gas engine bolstered by two electric motors […]

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Report: BMW sets its sites directly on Tesla with an i5 and i7

BMW isn’t taking kindly to Tesla Motors, especially since they’re working overtime to build a competing brand under their i lineup along with supporting infrastructure, like a network of fast EV chargers to combat Tesla Motors’ Supercharger network. Now, BMW wants to tighten their aim even more with a Tesla Model S and Model X […]

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BMW announces research and development for wireless inductive charging system

BMW officially announced to be working on a new wireless inductive charging system for their plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles, like the i3 and the i8. The system is planned to arrive later this year and will consist of a floor-mounted base plate with a lightweight charging coil that sits at the bottom of the […]

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BMW delivers the first i8s in Germany

BMW has officially delivered the first production i8s to its respective customers over in Europe, beating Audi at their game against laser-headlights. As a refresher, it’s powered by a 1.5L TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. The plug-in hybrid powertrain is good for a total output of 362hp, allowing the car to […]

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BMW i3 REx Monroney

BMW i3 REx receives its official EPA fuel economy estimates

While BMW and the EPA have yet to officially release the fuel economy figures for the all-new BMW i3, AutoBlog recently stumbled on the latest and official window sticker for the i3. In said window sticker–or Moroney, if you want to call it–the 2015 BMW i3 REx, denoting the equipped range extender, is capable of up […]

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03 04 05 BMW 325I DRIVER SIDE FRONT STRUT picture
[Rear Cross Drilled Brake Rotors Semi Metallic Pads] Fit 12-15 BMW 320i 300mm picture
[Rear Cross Drilled Brake Rotors Semi Metallic Pads] Fit 12-15 BMW 320i 300mm
93 94 95 BMW 318I ENGINE 1.8L 472605 picture
93 94 95 BMW 318I ENGINE 1.8L 472605
96 97 98 BMW 740I ENGINE 4.4L 538250 picture
96 97 98 BMW 740I ENGINE 4.4L 538250