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Report: BMW to hold off on expanding i brand to assess future demands

A new report is in from Reuters by way of AutomotiveNews, who learned that BMW will be holding off on future i models for now until they can better understand whether demand will exist for future models. Following the release of the i3 city car and the i8 sports hybrid, rumors indicated that BMW was adamant about […]

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Report: This BMW i8 prototype crash could be the first documented incident with the model

Anyone who’s been in such a situation knows how humiliating it can be. But crashing an automobile is never fun, especially if it isn’t yours. But sometimes, it inevitably happens to the best of us—even us automotive journalist lot. Though to make us feel better through the idea that it can even happen to the […]

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Report: An SUV is not in the future for BMW i

Many have been wondering how far BMW is going to take their new i brand following the launch of their new i3 city car and i8 sports hybrid. And recently, Australia’s CarAdvice.com recently spoke with BMW’s i3 project manager, Roland Kowalski, regarding plans for future models. As of now, an SUV had been rumored, though […]

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Report: BMW considers an i5 after profound initial i-brand success

BMW is apparently having so much success with their new i-brand that sales for their i3 city car have been ramped up to meet the extra demand. But furthermore, a larger i5 crossover is also in the works for production, according to WhatCar. After speaking with a “senior BMW source,” BMW is thoroughly convinced of […]

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Report: BMW to keep i and M sub-brands separate from each other

BMW’s highly anticipated and revolutionary i-branded alternatively propelled automobiles, the i3 and i8 are officially out after several years in the making. And one of the major concerns about BMW’s rather sacrilegious product campaigns was whether or not the new i-brand would affect and dilute the Roundel’s infamous reputation for making the Ultimate Driving Machines. […]

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Report: More details on 2014 BMW i8 come out as it nears production, to be sold strictly as PHEV

While it may seem BMW has been teasing their i8 and i3 electric cars for years, CAR Magazine of the United Kingdom recently added to the frenzy after reporting that BMW is several steps closer to finalizing the 2014 i8 electric supercar. That said, the publication reportedly learned about the production specifications of the 2013 […]

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BMW i3 Winter Testing Official

BMW releases photos of its i3 city car undergoing winter testing via Facebook

BMW recently had decided to build more anticipation for their latest sustainable mobility model, the up and coming BMW i3 city car. No additional details were shared, other than the fact that BMW is still testing its i3 car, as can be seen in the shared photos of the i3 motoring about on a winter […]

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2012 LA: BMW i8 Spyder Concept Main

2012 LA: BMW i8 Spyder Concept goes topless in LA

BMW i’s i8 Spyder Concept is also making its stateside debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show next to the new i3 Coupe Concept. So when will you see the i3 and the i8 on the roads? One of BMW i brand’s slogan is ‘the future is closer than you think’ – and that’s very […]

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2012 LA Auto Show Badge

BMW i8 Concept Roadster to debut at the 2012 LA Auto Show

There have been rumors recently that BMW will be bringing a new concept for its ‘BMW i’ brand to the 2012 LA Auto Show – so far the German automaker has only confirmed that the i8 Spyder Concept will be coming to the City of Angeles. The model will be called the BMW i8 Concept […]

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BMW i8

BMW to produce i8′s 3-cylinder engine in the UK

While the carbon fiber parts for the upcoming BMW i8 will come from Washington, United States, the new 3-cylinder gasoline engine for the plug-in hybrid sports car will be produced exclusively at the BMW engine plant in Hams Hall, near Birmingham. “Our Hams Hall engine plant, which last week celebrated production of the three-millionth engine since […]

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