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BMW 5 Series ConnectedDrive

Video: BMW takes the joy out of driving, shows hands free-driving on the Autobahn

In 2011 BMW’s Track Trainer began testing, a model based on the 330i that drives itself via a built-in GPS system. The autonomous technology is now being implemented in the BMW 5 Series ConnectedDrive with an improved version of the 330i tester. Using a system of cameras, radar, and laser scanners, the car brakes, accelerates, […]

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Video: BMW uses Vision ConnectedDrive Concept in a jewelry heist

BMW is doing an interesting take on advertising what could be the latest features to come in BMW’s future infotainment systems. Their latest online spot on YouTube features their ConnectedDrive Vision roadster, which debuted earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Throughout the spot, BMW inadvertently teaches us how to pull a quick heist […]

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Video: BMW teases new ConnectedDrive Concept

Being connected to your friends and family while in your vehicle is becoming a huge wave in the auto industry. Whether or not U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood likes it, automakers seem to be unveiling brand new ways to remain connected while a driver is on the road. BMW has released a teaser video of […]

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New  BMW-Vision-ConnectedDrive-Concept-at-Geneva-rim-details Sport Metal Watch picture
New BMW-Vision-ConnectedDrive-Concept-at-Geneva-rim-details Sport Metal Watch

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