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The BMW 2-Series Active Tourer comes to life, debuts at Geneva

Just recently, the world saw the debut of the first ever front-wheel driven BMW, which also happens to be the world’s first BMW MPV. Formerly teased in the form of the Concept Active Tourer, the production variant takes shape as the 2-Series Active Tourer, giving BMW its closes chance at competing against the likes of […]

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Report: Audi’s A3-based crossover to come sometime in 2016 or 2017

To update the rumors that Audi was in the process of expanding the A3 family by adding a crossover based off of the subcompact, AutomotiveNews reports that Ingolstadt brand will be launching the model sometime in 2016 or 2017. Click here for more news on the Audi A3. It’s internally referred to as the “elevated […]

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Report: BMW 1-Series sedan won’t make it here “for the foreseeable future”

AutomotiveNews recently sat down with BMW of North America’s CEO, Ludwig Willisch, who hopes to bring the Roundel back up to first place in terms of the luxury sales race. That said, BMW as a whole are placing their bets on their future models to help achieve this goal. Though this has arguably led to […]

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Report: BMW to offer as many as 20 different models with front-wheel-drive

BMW is working on as many as 20 different models that will be built on its new front-wheel-drive architecture. The platform will first make its debut on the next-genertaion Mini and the production version of the BMW Active Tourer Concept. “We’ve got plans to produce up to 20 new models on this platform. Not all […]

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2012 Paris Report: BMW confirms bringing three-cylinder engines to US

AutomotiveNews reports after speaking with Ian Robertson, a member of BMW AG’s board, at the 2012 Paris Auto Show that BMW’s latest three-cylinder engines will be coming stateside. “Hybrids with a three-cylinder engine are coming rapidly,” Robertson told AN during the show. “It behaves like a six-cylinder, it is half of a six-cylinder engine and […]

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BMW releases interior pictures of Concept Active Tourer

I’m sure most of you caught on right about now that the news reel is picking up quite a bit to help build anticipation for the 2012 Paris Auto Show. And here is another catch as BMW has just released photos of its latest Concept Active Tourer, which serves as a precursor to the next […]

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BMW Concept Active Tourer Front Angle

BMW Concept Active Tourer officially unveiled, 1.5 liter 3-cylinder engine debuts

BMW broke its rear-wheel-drive tradition today with the debut of the new Concept Active Tourer, which will be making its first public debut at the upcoming 2012 Paris Motor Show. The model is being described by BMW as the “first in the premium compact segment to combine comfort and space functionality with dynamic performance and […]

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