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Just in: BMW’s 9-Series “Four-Door” Coupe to happen, plus i6 EV sedan

BMW’s seemingly not taking Tesla lightly since word fromĀ Automobile isĀ that two new sedans…*ahem*…one sedan, and one “four-door coupe” are on the way to join BMW’s lineup for the first time ever. First is the four-door coupe, which is a bounce off of some previous rumors about a new 9-Series large four-door coupe from BMW. It […]

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Photo Rendering: This toned down BMW Gran Lusso Concept could indicate next 8-Series

When BMW revealed the Gran Lusso Concept in conjunction with renowned design firm, Pininfarina, we knew they had something on their hands–finally, a possible competitor to the long-existing Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe/CL-Class from Munich. And lately, rumors have been kicking up speed in relation to a possible revival of the 8-Series nameplate given the large, luxury […]

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Report: BMW supposedly contemplating a 9-Series Coupe and hybrid variant…?

Rumors are abound for a large GT coupe from Munich’s finest as a successor to the beloved, cult-followed 8-Series from the late 1980s and 1990s. Ever since the BMW 6-Series was revitalized for the market in the mid-2000s, BMW enthusiasts always pondered about the idea of a successor to one of BMW’s most iconic models. […]

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