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Life-size 1,050 mph Bloodhound SSC makes world debut at Farnborough

The official life-size Bloodhound CC made its world debut today at the Farnborough International Airshow. The car, which is longer the length of four Mini Coopers parked end to end, has a goal of hitting a top land-speed of 1,050 mph (the current land-speed record is 766 mph). The hand-finished model is made from polystyrene […]

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Bloodhound SSC land-speed record car will make 135,000-hp

A little more than a year ago, we reported about something called the Bloodhound project, a group headed by Richard Noble and Andy Green that is working on a vehicle that can hit a top speed of 1,050 mph. The duo is out to beat their own record, and the current land-speed record, of 766 […]

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Bloodhound SSC to attempt 1,000 mph land-speed record

Richard Noble and Andy Green are hard at work on a car that can go faster than 1,000 mph. The current land-speed record holders are out to smash their own record of 766 mph. Andy Green will pilot the Bloodhound SSC to a top speed of 1050 mph, a speed that is 1.4 times that of sound. There are […]

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