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Ford Blue Oval Logo Employees

Ford’s Blue Oval logo is back where it belongs after credit rating upgrade

To weather the recession without a government bailout, Ford mortgaged many of its assets, including its logo, for cash Moody’s Investors Service yesterday raised Ford’s debt rating to investment-grade for the first time in 7 years, meaning that all of FoMoCo’s U.S. assets, including factories, logos and trademarks for its models are back in the […]

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Bill Ford

Bill Ford addresses concerns about future traffic congestion

Ford Motor Co has made billions selling vehicles to the masses and the Ford family has also benefited from this fortune. However, Bill Ford Jr. is now worried about selling to many cars. Henry Ford’s great-grandson is now thinking ahead of his time when there will be too many cars on the roads of the […]

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Bill Ford: Mulally’s successor will likely come from within Ford

Alan Mulally, one of the greatest leaders the automotive has seen, has no plans to retire anytime soon. However, when Mulally does decide to pack his bags and leave his job as CEO of Ford Motor Company, his successor will most likely come from within the company’s top ranked executives, said Executive Chairman Bill Ford. […]

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Ford paid Mulally $26.5 million, Bill Ford $26.4 million in 2010

FoMoCo’s President and CEO Alan Mulally was paid $26.5 million while Executive Chairman Bill Ford received $26.4 million in salary bonus and long-term stock options and awards in 2010. The pay packages are by far the industry’s most lucrative ones. Both Mulally and Bill Ford received salaries of $1.4 million for 2010. Mulally received a […]

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Ford’s CEO Mullaly gets stock worth $56.5 million, Bill Ford gets stock worth $42.4 million

FoMoCo’s CEO Alan Mulally and Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr., are going to be partying hard this coming weekend. According to its filing with the¬†Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday, Mulally was awarded stock worth $56.5 million before taxes, while Bill Ford got stock worth $42.4 million. Of course, Mulally’s compensation is well worth it […]

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Bill Ford: FoMoCo to hold back on discounts

Those who were fearing a price war in the American automotive industry can relax a bit. Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford said Thursday that his company will be holding the line on price discounts, though some other company‚Äôs, such as GM and Toyota, have been more than aggressive. “One of the things that […]

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Bill Ford: FoMoCo will most likely pick next CEO from within the company

While popular Detroit CEO Alan Mulally has no plans to retire soon, Ford apparently has a lot of internal talent needed to hire the next chief from within the company, Executive Chairman Bill Ford said. In an interview with Reuters, Bill said that Mulally has groomed a strong team of potential successors for whenever he […]

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Bill Ford says FoMoCo may lose some investors to GM’s IPO offering

FoMoCo’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford, who just got paid after a 5-year pay freeze, said that he expects some investors may reduce their holdings in his company to buy shares of General Motors as the company files for an initial public offering. Bill said that investors may make the move to spread their risk across […]

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After 5-year pay freeze, FoMoCo will pay Bill Ford

After a 5-year pay freeze, FoMoCo’s Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. is getting paid again. The details were released in a Securities and Exchange Committee filing and stated that Bill will be paid $4 million in salary and in stock options with a current value of $11 million to $12 million. The total payout represents […]

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Bill Ford: FoMoCo will take care of debt before paying out dividends

FoMoCo”s executive chairman Bill Ford Jr. announced this week to shareholders that dividend payments would not be made until the automaker pays off more of its debt. That being said, he also mentioned that shareholders were barely in a position to complain, considering the soar in stock value and the fact that this year ended […]

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