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Bertone Mantide to take on Corvette ZR1’s Nurburgring lap time

Remember the Bertone Mantide? Yes – that insane looking car based on the Corvette ZR1. Well, it seems like owner Dan Watkins wants to take his Mantide to the Nurburgring and pin it up against the 7:26.4 Nurburgring lap time of the Corvette ZR1 itself. According to Jason Castriota, Bertone’s chief designer, Watkins is really […]

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Bertone Mantide to cost $2 million, up to 10 units being considered

It will obviously set you aside from the crowd and will definitely turn heads when you drive it down the street. However, the Bertone Mantide will cost you a whopping $2 million according to creator¬†Jason Castriota.¬†Who’s going to by a $2 million car that has the underpinnings of the Corvette ZR1 when they can just […]

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Bertone Project M car officially revealed as Bertone Mantide

Stile Bertone has finally revealed his Project M car as the one-off Betrone Mantide. The Bertone Mantide features the underpinnings of the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 wrapped in radical Stile Bertone aerospace inspired design. The LS9 engine gives the Mantide a total 638-hp. However, with a significant drop in weight with carbon fiber body panels, interior […]

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