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2009 Geneva: Bentley Continental Supersports makes public appearance in Geneva

Bentley’s new Continental Supersports, the fastest, most powerful Bentley ever, the first step of the company’s commitment to make its complete model range compatible with renewable fuels by 2012. Under the hood of the most powerful Bentley is a 6.0L W12 twin-turbocharged engine pumping out 621-hp with a peak torque of 590 lb-ft. The engine […]

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Bentley Continental Supersports: Fastest, most powerful Bentley is FlexFuel compatible

The fastest, most powerful Bentley has been unveiled. The Bentley Continental Supersports will make its debut next week at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show as the first Bentley capable of running on gasoline and biofuel. Power comes from a 6.0L W12 twin-turbocharged engine that makes a total of 621-hp with a maximum torque of 590 lb-ft. […]

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Bentley’s extreme biofuel supercar to produce 630-hp

Bentley is gearing up to unveil its most extreme Bentley ever at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. When you hear “extreme” you probably think that the car will have a huge gas-guzzling engine under the hood however, Bentley’s “fastest, most powerful production car ever,” will be a biofuel supercar. According to Autowereld, the most extreme […]

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Video: Bentley releases biofuel supercar promo, car may be called ‘Victoria’

We told you earlier this week that Bentley will be revealing its fastest, most power production car ever at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd. The car will be capable of running on biofuel showing Bentley’s commitment to pioneering the use of flexfuel in the luxury segment. Bentley has already dropped a teaser image […]

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2009 Geneva Preview: Bentley releases biofuel Continental teaser

As reported previously, Bentley will launch a biofuel concept to 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March. Today, Bentley dropped a teaser image of the new biofuel car and apparently the car will debut as a production model and not a concept. Bentley released a very short press release with the image saying that the car […]

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