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Video: Lexus finally reveals their highly-teased hoverboard–and what a tease it was

Lexus had us all excited about what seemed to be the first true attempt at a hoverboard using technology and witchcraft. And recently, the Japanese luxury auto giant finally revealed their concept with full detail–and honestly, it was a bit of letdown. Surely, it seemed a little far-fetched that an automobile maker bragged about having […]

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Video: Brace yourselves – Lexus’ hoverboard to debut this week on Aug. 5th

Lexus has been slowly teasing one of their latest innovations as of late, and no, it’s not car related. Instead, Lexus is looking to make a Back to the Future idea a reality–the hoverboard. Yes, an actual, fully-functioning hoverboard, which is said to work using liquid-nitrogen-cooled superconductors to create a magnetic field strong enough to levitate the board […]

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