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Report: Tesla introduces new safety features to Autopilot

Tesla Motors is constantly in the process of updating its Autopilot feature for the sake of seeking to improve the system in every way possible like Apple rolls out over-the-air updates for iDevices. Now,¬†Elektrek reports Tesla just added some new safety features as preventative measures in light of recent accidents involving Autopilot. These features are […]

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Video: The latest “easter egg” in the Tesla Model S harks back to Mario Kart 64’s Rainbow Road

Tesla Motors has evolved over time to become a rather quirky but fun niche automaker that’s consumable and likable. When you have a company who takes pride in what they do, they tend to be fun with it and thus, it’s no surprise that cars like the Model S are fun with hidden gems and […]

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Tesla reveals massive new update, includes semi-autonomous driving features for Model S

Not too long ago, Tesla Model S owners woke up to a nice and hefty over-the-air update to their Model S. But other than the traditional updates to improve the functionality of the car, the biggest change and surprise was the addition of new semi-autonomous driving features in the update. Version 7.0 updates the car […]

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Simrad RC36 Autopilot Rate-Compass picture
Simrad RC36 Autopilot Rate-Compass
Simrad AC20 Autopilot Computer Box picture
Simrad AC20 Autopilot Computer Box
Simrad RPU-160 Autopilot Pump picture
Simrad RPU-160 Autopilot Pump
Navico Simrad autopilot parts picture
Navico Simrad autopilot parts
Navico Powerpilot Autopilot Cable Steering Boat Marine PC500 PRD500 Teleflex picture
Navico Powerpilot Autopilot Cable Steering Boat Marine PC500 PRD500 Teleflex