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2015 LA – Volvo Concept 26 (6)

2015 Los Angeles: Volvo introduces Concept 26, a new idea towards in-car dashboard design for autonomous driving

Volvo Cars officially has been known to be working heavily towards semi-autonomous and autonomous driving technology and their latest reveal at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is an example of this. Rather than revealing a new car, they revealed a new design concept for their interiors, promoting and exhibiting their push towards autonomous driving […]

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Report: Jaguar-Land Rover don’t believe in autonomous cars

One of the future prospects for the automobile industry is the recent push for autonomous driving technology, which is obviously causing quite the buzz. But in the point of view and perspective of Jaguar-Land Rover’s R&D chief, Wolfgang Epple, J-LR doesn’t approve of autonomous driving technology because they don’t consider the occupants inside the car, […]

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