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Volvo Cars and Uber team up for joint venture developing autonomous vehicles w/ video

Volvo Cars continues to move forward with its efforts to innovate and the company’s latest partnership with Uber is living proof. Just recently, the two entities joined forces to cooperatively develop autonomous driving vehicles to develop a self-driving fleet for Uber. In the latest statement, the two pledged a combined total of $300 million USD to […]

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NHTSA is looking into the first fatality from Tesla’s AutoPilot

Technology presumably exists to make our lives easier and more advanced, for instance, the prospect of autonomous driving vehicles and the push to develop those systems in hopes to make drivers obsolete. Tesla Motors was one of the first manufacturers to make autonomous driving capabilities readily available, albeit on their expensive Model S sedans. It’s […]

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Report: BMW i doesn’t want to do EVs any more, wants to shift focus to autonomous driving

It seems BMW i’s mission to produce more EVs and hybrids isn’t exactly going well, so BMW i instead will be shifting their focus toward autonomous driving technology, according to Reuters, who heard from BMW’s board member, Klaus Froehlich. Could this mean the EV and hybrid wars are slowing? You know, because EVs, although great […]

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2016 Mercedes-Benz Actros Autonomous Trucks Test

Mercedes-Benz Actros successfully completed a journey testing three autonomous big rigs

Autonomous driving technology might sound like the death of the manually-piloted automobile and thus, the end of driving fun as we know it. But in reality, there are a ton of ways autonomous driving can be helpful, it’s just a matter of adapting it to our current way or life, or encouraging change through technological […]

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Report: Audi of America’s president hints at more RS models, talk autonomous cars and EVs

Automobile Magazine recently sat down to speak with Audi of America’s President, Scott Keogh, along with the company’s Director of Product Management, Filip Brabec. And in that interview, Keogh reportedly hinted at the possibility of some incoming, new RS models for the United States. “We’re looking to significantly expand the presence of RS in the […]

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Volkswagen prepares a new concept for the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show in 2016 is to expect an automotive exhibition from Volkswagen introducing a new concept at next year’s show. The announcement was made via the Consumer Technology Association who officially stated the People’s Car maker will host a “keynote address.” However, absolutely no specifics were shared as to what the concept could be. So […]

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2015 LA – Volvo Concept 26 (6)

2015 Los Angeles: Volvo introduces Concept 26, a new idea towards in-car dashboard design for autonomous driving

Volvo Cars officially has been known to be working heavily towards semi-autonomous and autonomous driving technology and their latest reveal at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is an example of this. Rather than revealing a new car, they revealed a new design concept for their interiors, promoting and exhibiting their push towards autonomous driving […]

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Report: Nissan’s next-gen GT-R and 370Z could get new autonomous driving tech

AutoExpress recently sat down with Nissan’s Global Vice President for Research and Advanced Engineering, Takao Asami. And in that sit-down, AE learned Nissan is interested in equipping the next-generation GT-R and 370Z sports cars with autonomous driving tech. Asami stated it was a plan to try and “extract more capability and improve performance” of the sports […]

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Report: Apple CEO suggests “massive change” to auto industry with Beetle-shaped bitten fruit car

Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, apparently teased something that could incur “massive change” to the automobile industry, and it just might be a Beetle-shaped fruit car that someone decided to take a bite out of. This could indicate Apple’s first attempt and foray into making their own car, something that’s been rumored for quite some […]

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Tesla reveals massive new update, includes semi-autonomous driving features for Model S

Not too long ago, Tesla Model S owners woke up to a nice and hefty over-the-air update to their Model S. But other than the traditional updates to improve the functionality of the car, the biggest change and surprise was the addition of new semi-autonomous driving features in the update. Version 7.0 updates the car […]

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Adactive Cruise Autonomous Drive Radar Sensor Mercedes Benz S Class picture
Adactive Cruise Autonomous Drive Radar Sensor Mercedes Benz S Class
Adaptive Cruise Autonomous Drive Radar Sensor 2215405701 Mercedes S65 W221 05-12 picture
Adaptive Cruise Autonomous Drive Radar Sensor 2215405701 Mercedes S65 W221 05-12