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Volvo Cars and Uber team up for joint venture developing autonomous vehicles w/ video

Volvo Cars continues to move forward with its efforts to innovate and the company’s latest partnership with Uber is living proof. Just recently, the two entities joined forces to cooperatively develop autonomous driving vehicles to develop a self-driving fleet for Uber. In the latest statement, the two pledged a combined total of $300 million USD to […]

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Report: The recent Tesla Autopilot accidents haven’t phased potential buyers

It seems people aren’t really that scared of self-driving cars, particularly fear for autonomous driving vehicles was recently highlighted when a series of Tesla crashes happened, allegedly from faulting Autopilot systems. But AutomotiveNews stumbled upon some studies conducted by the Boston Consulting Group and AlixPartners, who learned that the general public’s perception of semi-autonomous and autonomous […]

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Report: BMW i doesn’t want to do EVs any more, wants to shift focus to autonomous driving

It seems BMW i’s mission to produce more EVs and hybrids isn’t exactly going well, so BMW i instead will be shifting their focus toward autonomous driving technology, according to Reuters, who heard from BMW’s board member, Klaus Froehlich. Could this mean the EV and hybrid wars are slowing? You know, because EVs, although great […]

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Volkswagen prepares a new concept for the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show in 2016 is to expect an automotive exhibition from Volkswagen introducing a new concept at next year’s show. The announcement was made via the Consumer Technology Association who officially stated the People’s Car maker will host a “keynote address.” However, absolutely no specifics were shared as to what the concept could be. So […]

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Report: Next generation Peugeots to gain autonomous driving tech

It seems Peugeot is seeking to become more relevant on a global level as AutomotiveNews Europe reports that CEO Carlos Tavares said some next-generation models could gain semi-autonomous driving tech. This is one of the more recent instances where a new mainstream automobile gains semi-autonomous tech, exemplifying its gain in popularity and availability. Tavares says he, […]

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