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Report: Audi TT offroad concept gets the greenlight

A new report is in from Car in the UK, who heard the Audi TT offroad concept was approved for production and should be ready by 2017. The Audi TT offroad concept surfaced at the Beijing Auto Show last year and has since gained a lot of positive reception. However, it hasn’t had its shortage of […]

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Photo Rendering: This Audi TT Avant concept isn’t such a bad idea

Renowned graphic artist, Theophilius Chin, recently decided to give the TT a new look by giving it an extended boot, a long roof, and an extra set of doors. Meet the Audi TT Avant. Obviously, this isn’t an official concept, but it pitches the not-so-bad idea of another possible TT variant. The Audi TT family is […]

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Report: New Audi TT variant to be crossover

Audi recently announced plans to offer the TT in a new body style with the arrival of the new third generation mode. Rumors in the past as well as a concept suggested it to be a crossover variant and according to AutoCar, these rumors are holding to be true. The outlet spoke to Audi at the […]

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Photo Rendering: This sketch hints at a possible Audi TT four-door coupe

The Germans are still on their binge of trying to fill in every niche possible, and this latest digital rendering is an example. The Audi TT just entered its third generation and rumors in the past spoke of Audi’s interest in expanding the TT’s lineup with different bodystyles. The first example we saw of that […]

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