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BREAKING: Volkswagen’s TDI V6 in select Audi and Porsche models also have emissions test cheat software

Volkswagen’s really not faring well with their whole Dieselgate scandal, if that wasn’t obvious already, posting nearly a 3.5 billion euro quarterly loss and with around 11 million cars affected worldwide. But those figures are bound to get significantly larger since the Environmental Protection Agency just filed another notice again Volkswagen, citing how Volkswagen’s 3.0L […]

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2016 Audi A8 L 4.0T Sport (1)

The 2016 Audi A8 L 4.0T Sport gets added to the lineup here in the US of A

Audi added a new trim version of their flagship A8 L to the lineup for the 2016 model year. Meet the 2016 Audi A8 L 4.0T Sport, which as it sounds by the name, is a long-wheelbase version of the A8, with the traditional twin-turbo 4.0L V8, and the A8’s Sport Package as standard. More […]

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Report: The next-gen Audi A8 delayed to 2017 for autonomous driving R&D

The next-gen Audi A8 is reportedly being delayed until 2017 because Ingolstadt needs more time to perfect their autonomous driving tech. Audi’s been promising the A8 to be one of the first cars available with a fully-autonomous drive system. But due to some drawbacks with the design of the electrics the reveal of the carl’s […]

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Report: Audi boss confirms semi-autonomous A8 for next generation

In lieu of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show recently, AutoWeek recently sat don with Audi’s R&D boss, Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, who confirmed the arrival of semi-autonomous driving technology in the Audi A8 for the next generation. According to the report, the next-gen A8 is “very close to production” with semi-autonomous functions, all of which can function […]

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Report: Next-gen Audi A7 to feature more “radical” design

AutoCar in the UK reports Audi is looking to get more emotion out of the next-gen A7’s aesthetics, according to Audi’s chief of design, Marc Lichte. Lichte says the design for the new A7 is complete, featuring lots of design cues and inspiration from the latest Prologue Concept from the LA Auto Show. Additionally, the […]

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Report: New next-gen Audi A6 to arrive in 2017, to be styled after Prologue Concept

AutoCar received some news on Audi’s latest bread and butter model, the next-gen A6. After speaking with Audi’s Marc Lichte, word is the new A6 is being prepped to be launched in 2017. Additionally, the new A6 is described to be modeled after the new Prologue Concept, which was revealed at the Los Angeles International […]

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Report: The next-gen Audi A8 to be offered as a fully autonomous vehicle

Audi is serious about its goal to be one of the leading pioneers to the fully autonomous vehicle. And now, Australia’s Motoring.com heard the next-generation A8 could be offered as a fully autonomous vehicle. Bolstering this claim is the fact that Audi did announce to be offering some autonomous systems on the next-gen A8. Motoring spoke with Audi’s head […]

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Report: Audi has no intent to compete against BMW and Tesla in race for EVs

Audi doesn’t seem to be phased by BMW’s and Tesla’s growing battle to produce luxury EVs according to UK’s WhatCar. Instead, Audi still stands by their investments into plug-in hybrid technology since apparently their customers prefer that over normal EVs, according to Audi’s Rupert Stadler, who spoke with the magazine. After some market research, Stadler said […]

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Report: Porsche and Audi are clamoring over platforms

Automobile Magazine reports that Audi and Porsche are in a little bit of a bind over agreements with modular platforms. According to the article, Porsche is a bit ticked at Audi because the Ingolstadt-automaker rejected Porsche’s latest Modular Standard Platform for adoption as a way to provide a backbone for the next generation Audi A6, A7 […]

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Report: Audi A8 e-tron in the works with diesel-electric V6

AutoExpress of the UK recently learned that Audi is working on a new e-tron version of the current A8, after speaking with chief technical officer, Ulrich Hackenberg. According to the finding, the new e-tron-ified A8 could sport a diesel-electric hybrid setup with a V6. This is unlike the next e-tron model to hit production, the […]

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Audi a8 2.7T throttle body  picture
Audi a8 2.7T throttle body
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