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Report: Aston Martin’s gearing up to compete with Tesla Motors with 800hp Rapide EV

AutomotiveNews recently heard from Aston Martin’s CEO, Andy Palmer, who shared of new plans to take down Tesla Motors with an all-new Rapide EV with at least 800hp. Already, this can’t sound more obviously like a competitor to the latest and greatest Model S. Though this benchmark for the Rapide EV is way higher than […]

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Report: Aston Martin’s DBX Crossover to not be built on a Mercedes platform

Whether you like it or not, Aston Martin is making a crossover to create a model that rings in some cash with hopes to keep their operations afloat. And despite the fact Aston Martin teamed up with Daimler AG for some parts bin sharing, it’s very unlikely that Aston will use a Mercedes-Benz platform. According […]

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It’s happening, the Aston Martin DBX will be their first crossover

Aston Martins’s in the midst of reworking their entire lineup to move their brand into the next generation of cars, and there’s a lot of pressure riding on their shoulders. This is because Aston is more or less fending for themselves, despite gaining some new investors recently. That said, with rather limited resources, even after […]

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Report: Aston Martin could be preparing US plant for DBX crossover

Aston Martin has some big plans ahead of them, including the fruition of a DBX crossover, according to┬áThe Financial Times. This obviously implies that Aston Martin is preparing to aim its crossover directly at the US market, in addition to the Chinese market. Hey, we love our crossovers just as much as the Chinese do. […]

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