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50 Aston Martin Cygnet units making their way to Hong Kong and Japan

Aston Martin has confirmed that 50 units of its rebadged Toyota iQ, known as the Cygnet, will be headed to Hong Kong and Japan. Prices in will start at $603,578 HKD ($77,649 USD)and ¬•4,750,000 YEN ($62,621 USD), the Cygnet will offer buyers in those regions a rebadged Toyota iQ with a restyled exterior, a redesigned […]

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Aston Martin aims to make Cygnet the brand’s second-best selling model

The Aston Martin iQ, aka the Aston Martin Cygnet, may seem like a big mistake to enthusiasts and the media, but the brand has a lot of hope for the Toyota iQ-based Aston.¬†Aston Martin will produce (by producing we mean ‘luxuryify’ the iQ) around 1,500 units and will sell them for $49,253 each. That makes […]

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Aston Martin working on electrified Cygent

An electric Aston Martin? Doesn’t sound like something many Aston Martin or even car enthusiasts would be excited about. Nonetheless, Aston Martin is considering an electric version for one of its models – and now it’s not an Aston Martin DBS or a Vantage. According to CAR Magazine, Aston Martin is working on an electric-version […]

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Project Kahn working on modified Aston Martin Cygnet

While you may already find it strange that Aston Martin is producing the Toyota iQ based minicar, things may get a little more weird today when you find out that respected tuner Project Kahn will be offering a modification kit for the tiny luxurious city car. Project Kahn today released one photo of their take […]

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Aston Martin Cygnet prices start at $49,253, debuts with special Launch Editions

With a starting prices of $35,000 (or at least that’s what we thought it actually costs $49,253), you would think Aston Martin is done milking this Toyota iQ based Cygnet ultra-luxury subcompact thing by now – well, they’re not. Aston Martin announced today that they will build two limited Cygnet Launch Editions, “each exemplifying the […]

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