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Mercedes-AMG reveals the Sprinter 63 S with 503hp

Have you ever wanted a 503hp Sprinter van tuned up the wazoo by the boffins at Mercedes-AMG? Well now’s your chance! Meet the Sprinter 63 S, complete with tons of space and room to haul everything and your mother with 503 horsepower. Based on the Sprinter Kombi, the new Sprinter 63 S also features tons […]

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MINI E gets new PR0401 system allowing for several hundred, possibly thousands of miles on single charge

BMW announced today that its Mini division is taking a revolutionary step forward with a new "magnetic propulsion system" that will extend the range of the Mini E to "several hundred, possibly even thousands of miles, on┬ásingle overnight charge of electricity." Known as the Mini PR0401 (which coincides with its launch date of April 1st), […]

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Rick Wagoner joins the eGMCarTech team!

Former General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner has willingly accepted our offer to become an editor of eGMCarTech. Wagoner will provide us with detailed reports on what really goes on in the minds of GM executives and why they still rely on gas-guzzling models instead of focusing on small-cars. Wondering why the Chevrolet Cruze is already […]

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Hyundai’s new i10 pope-mobile is for the frugal religious leaders

Hyundai said today that its new i10 conversion range model is designed to target the booming market of world and religious leaders that want to adopt a less ostentatious lifestyle during the global economic crisis. Based on the Hyundai’s i10 city car, the new vehicle will be powered by a 1.2L Kappa engine which helps […]

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Kia Aero-Soul Concept: New APRIL system increases fuel-economy

Kia today announced that it will be going green without throwing a lot of money into r&d or expensive technology. According to Kia, it’s new Aero-Soul concept reduces fuel-consumption with a new low-cost system called Air Propulsion and Retardation Installation Line – or APRIL for short. Kia says that the APRIL system can easily be […]

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New Unisex Halloween April Fool's Day Funny Emotional Eye Glasses picture
New Unisex Halloween April Fool's Day Funny Emotional Eye Glasses