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Report: The Apple Car could be built by Magna Steyr and launched initially for car sharing services

Whether you like to believe it or not, the supposed new car from Apple is a real prospect and the Cupertino-based consumer electronics empire is serious about making it happen. They’re so serious in fact that a new development from German media reports Magna Steyr, the company responsible for building various automobiles and trucks, as […]

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Report: Apple’s desire to make a car gets serious, hires former Tesla Motors VP of engineering

Rumors are floating about regarding Apple and the possibility that they could be making their own car, a first-ever for the company. When this rumor first broke into the newsphere, skepticism came from everywhere since it’s pretty universally understood, it’s no easy feat to research, develop, and build an automobile from scratch. It’s also wondered if […]

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Report: The late Steve Jobs supposedly expressed interest in an Apple car as far back as 2008

Technology and smartphone giant, Apple, has been known to express grave interest in entering the automobile market, not just with in-car tech such as Apple CarPlay, but by making their own car from the ground up, under their brand. But considering the fact Apple’s known more for producing consumer electronics, computers, and smartphones, people of […]

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Report: Apple CEO suggests “massive change” to auto industry with Beetle-shaped bitten fruit car

Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook, apparently teased something that could incur “massive change” to the automobile industry, and it just might be a Beetle-shaped fruit car that someone decided to take a bite out of. This could indicate Apple’s first attempt and foray into making their own car, something that’s been rumored for quite some […]

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Poll: Apple to introduce their own car by 2019, would you buy one?

You may have heard it in the news before, but tech giant Apple, yes that Apple, the one once ran by the famous Steve Jobs, and the producer of insanely popular trendy smartphones, has a desire to make their own car. According to the latest development from The Wall Street Journal, Apple may actually make it happen […]

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Apple Siri

Apple’s Siri coming to your car within in the next year

During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference today at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, the company’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the Siri personal assistant will soon be offered in your car. Cook said that within the next 12 months, drivers will be able to push a button on the steering wheel that will connect […]

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Apple iCar

Apple board member: Steve Job’s dream before he died was to design an iCar

The iPod, the iPad, the iPhone were all great inventions from Apple and the company’s late founder Steve Jobs. While all those inventions changed the way we interact with mobile devices, Jobs had other ideas. According to J. Crew CEO and Apple board member Mickey Drexler, Jobs even envisioned revamping the automotive industry. The insider info […]

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