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Report: Alfa Romeo-Mazda Miata MX-5 collaboration in the can, to be a Fiat Abarth instead

Some rumors in the past suggested that a new Alfa Romeo Spider was going to be born, being based off of the all-new 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5. But now, apparently that’s in the can, according to CAR in the UK. However, the collaboration overall between Mazda and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles isn’t all over either as Mazda’s Miata […]

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Alfa Romeo announces new product binge for the US

Alfa Romeo announced yesterday to be introducing a huge slew of new models for the United States to reestablish the brand in a market it has long since been absent from. According to their announcements during Fiat’s major conference, Alfa Romeo will develop and launch a total of eight new models between now and 2018. […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo’s new Spider won’t be Mazda based

Recent rumors suggested that Alfa Romeo struck a deal with Mazda to cooperatively build a compact rear-wheel drive sports roadster, which would take form as the Alfa Romeo Spider and the Mazda MX-5 Miata. But according to Autobild in Germany, the new Spider will be based off of Fiat’s own new rear-wheel drive platform rather than […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo Spider gets the 1.4 Liter MultiAir four

Alfa is reportedly developing a small roadster for American tastes, so the inexpensive and obvious option may be, according to a new report, to take the engine out of a Dodge Dart, tune it and put it into an Alfa likely costing twice as much. In the Alfa Romeo Spider, this engine will likely develop […]

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2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal SUV Concept Rear

Report: Alfa Romeo still on track with new SUV, BMW 3-Series competitor, and all-new Mazda-based Spider

In a live web seminar with TheTelegraph in the United Kingdom, Alfa Romeo’s head honcho for the UK division, Damien Dally has confirmed that an Alfa Romeo SUV is on the way. This is due in part to Fiat’s acquisition of Jeep, which has opened up a “whole portfolio of technologies” wherein many of Fiat’s […]

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2013 Dodge Durango

Report: Dodge Durango will die in 2016, Chrysler Town & Country goes crossover, new Alfa Spider for US and more

Chrysler has been hard at work reinvigorating brand and so far, they’re doing a very good job. Though, they are far from being finished as some new reports are out surrounding some current and future models. We start off with the information surrounding Dodge and Chrysler, where supposedly, Dodge will be axing the Durango around […]

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