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2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Carabinieri

Report: The Italian Carabinieri gain an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio for the fleet

Fancy cars have a way of finding themselves serving duty in various police forces around the world. For instance, we know Dubai’s police love parading around in some of the world’s most expensive supercars. The Italians like to do it up too,with the Italian State Police receiving a Lamborghini Huracan as a donation. Now, they […]

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The wait is no more! The first Alfa Romeo Giulia rolls off the production line

After many years of delays, Alfa Romeo officially produced its first-ever, all-new Giulia, the highly-anticipated BMW 3-Series competitor from Italy, and also the car to cement Alfa Romeo’s official return to the mass-market in the United States. The Alfa Romeo Giulia was revealed in 2015 in near-production form. But after some shakeups with logistics over the […]

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2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia (European spec)

2016 New York Preview: Alfa Romeo will be introducing some “normal” versions of the Giulia at the Javits

When Alfa Romeo first revealed the gorgeous and hopeful new Giulia sedan in its top-spec, high-performance Quadrifoglio version, we got really excited. But we were even more excited to see what the normal Giulia sedan will be like, given it’ll be the more afford and easily more accessible version of the sedan over the Quadrifoglio. […]

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2016 Geneva – 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2016 Geneva: Alfa Romeo previews the entire Giulia range at this year’s show

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles seems to be taking their time with the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan, despite being backlogged a bit from internal issues at corporate. First, they revealed the car in top-spec Quadrifoglio form, the version being built to compete against the likes of the BMW M3 sedan and Mercedes-AMG C63 directly. […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo alleged to have delayed Giulia due to failed crash test, turned out to be false

A pretty attention-grabbing report surfaced from the credible folks at AutomotiveNews’ European sector, alleging that Alfa Romeo was going to delay the arrival of the US-spec Giulia because it failed an “undisclosed organization’s” crash test. According to the initial report, the Giulia was said to be introduced completely to the US market, in every possible form, by […]

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Photo Rendering: This representation of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupe is something that needs to happen

The graphic artists over at WorldCarFans / Motor1 recently produced a mockup of what appears to be a digital rendering of an Alfa Romeo Giulia-based coupe. And from the idea and clean rendering alone, this is something that obviously needs to happen. The Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan is already one gorgeous piece of sheetmetal and it […]

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2015 LA – Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio (13)

2015 Los Angeles: The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia arrives to make decisions harder in its segment

Although the Alfa Romeo Giulia isn’t quite new, the US-spec version kind of is and it was just revealed in full at the 2015 Los Angeles International Auto Show, and here it is in pictures as it sits on the floor of the LA Convention Center. Similarly to the European version, the Giulia is ready […]

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2015 LA – 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2015 LA Preview: The US-Spec 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia gets detailed in the City of Angels

Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles spilled the beans on the new, hotly-anticipated US-spec version of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan, Italy’s all-new and dedicated BMW 3-Series fighter. Though the Giulia isn’t new, it was first revealed in the top-spec, high-performance Quadrifoglio form. But now, they revealed the details on the non-Quadrifoglio edition. The Alfa Romeo Giulia comes […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo says inspiration for Giulia design came from 156

Alfa Romeo has a habit of producing some of the most aesthetically pleasing and artful automobiles the world has ever seen, and the story is no different with their latest Giulia sedan, due to be a direct competitor to the current BMW 3-Series. But for some reason, some analysts criticized the Giulia for looking or […]

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Report: Alfa Romeo spills the beans on near-future lineup to include full-size sedan and crossover

AutoCar recently sat down with Alfa Romeo’s head honcho, Harald Wester, to discuss what’s in store for the Italian automaker’s lineup in the near future, especially as they continue to expand their reach in the US market after their noted hiatus. And in that interview, Alfa Romeo’s apparently working to expand their lineup to include […]

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulietta Sunbeam Alpine & Simca 1000 New U-Joint  59-00030 picture
Alfa Romeo Giulia Giulietta Sunbeam Alpine & Simca 1000 New U-Joint 59-00030
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600cc 1963-1969 New Ate Engine Exhaust Valve  44-02416 picture
Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600cc 1963-1969 New Ate Engine Exhaust Valve 44-02416
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Giulia Spider Front Set of Matching Bumpers picture
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Giulia Spider Front Set of Matching Bumpers
New Pertronix Distributor, D185504 picture
New Pertronix Distributor, D185504
New SMP Distributor Cap, GB402 picture
New SMP Distributor Cap, GB402