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Report: Ford’s former Alan Mulally was close to axing Lincoln last year

Lincoln seems to be getting less and less relevant as the Dearborn-based auto giant, Ford, continues to try and keep the brand a live and competitive. It got so tough that Ford’s former CEO, Alan Mulally, was very close to sentencing Lincoln to its death last year, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Recently, Alan […]

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Ford Blue Oval Logo Employees

Ford’s Blue Oval logo is back where it belongs after credit rating upgrade

To weather the recession without a government bailout, Ford mortgaged many of its assets, including its logo, for cash Moody’s Investors Service yesterday raised Ford’s debt rating to investment-grade for the first time in 7 years, meaning that all of FoMoCo’s U.S. assets, including factories, logos and trademarks for its models are back in the […]

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Alan Mulally

Report: Mulally isn’t going anywhere, he may even stick around until 2030

FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally has done wonders for the Dearborn-based automaker. In the last three years, Mulally earned Ford $29.5 billion after a $30.1 billion loss from 2006 through 2008. So when is Mulally retiring? Not anytime soon. At a recent annual meeting in Wilmington, Delaware, Mulally told reporters that he has no timetable for […]

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Ford CEO – Alan Mulally

Ford’s Alan Mulally awarded $58.3 million in stock for turning around the company

FoMoCo CEO Alan Mulally has been awarded $58.3 million in stock as a reward for the Dearborn automaker’s turnaround. Ford paid the stock to the CEO as a part of an incentive tied to the company’s 2009 performance. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Ford earned $29.5 billion in the last three years […]

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Report: Ford has four candidates to take Mulally’s place as CEO

One of the most widely admired CEOs in the automotive industry is FoMoCo‘s Alan Mulally, the former Boeing CEO, who came to Detroit in 2006 to turnaround Ford. But Mulally is now hitting 66, which means Ford’s board of directors is now considering a successor, even if his departure form the position is uncertain. Mulally, […]

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Ford’s Alan Mulally to be on David Letterman tonight

Ford Motor Company’s CEO Alan Mulally will be making an appearance for the first time on network television CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” He will be joining the famous late night talk show host along with actress Emma Stone, who’s also promoting her new movie “The Help.” Letterman will be interviewing Mulally and discussing […]

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AutoNation says Detroit three will gain market share this year

Following my expression of patriotism in my fourth of July editorial, there shouldn’t be any surprise to the current success and rise of the American automobile industry. But to further support their efforts, AutoNation, the largest automotive retailer in the US of A, announced that it has high expectations for the Detroit Three’s gain in […]

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Ford’s Alan Mulally named 2011 Chief Executive of the Year

FoMoCo’s CEO Alan Mulally has been named the 2011 Chief Executive of the Year by Chief Executive magazine. The honor is given to a corporate leader by a group of his or her peers. “The success he showed in the face of incredible difficulty was just extraordinary,” said James Turley, chairman and CEO, Ernst & […]

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Ford expects sales to increase 50% by mid-decade to 8 million units a year

In a presentation today to financial analysts led by Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally, FoMoCo said that it expects its worldwide sales to go up by approximately 50 percent by mid-decade to 8 million vehicles on an annual basis. Ford will use its One Ford plan to accelerate product introductions and expand quickly in […]

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Bill Ford: Mulally’s successor will likely come from within Ford

Alan Mulally, one of the greatest leaders the automotive has seen, has no plans to retire anytime soon. However, when Mulally does decide to pack his bags and leave his job as CEO of Ford Motor Company, his successor will most likely come from within the company’s top ranked executives, said Executive Chairman Bill Ford. […]

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