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Report: Next Toyota Camry to have actual styling in the future

As of late, Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota, has related to his designers what many of us have been saying: Toyotas are selling well, but the styling may leave something to be desired; it’s not offensive, but it is lacking in personality. Not to belabor the point, but if the FT-1 concept is any indication […]

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Akio Toyoda Norbert Reithofer

BMW and Toyota further expand collaboration, will build a sports car together

BMW and Toyota today announced that the will be expanding their existing cooperation that starting back in December of 2011. The two companies have now signed another Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop fuel cell systems, architecture and components for a future sports vehicle, collaboration on powertrain electrification and joint research and development on lightweight […]

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BMW Toyota Partnership

Report: Toyota to supply BMW with hybrid drivetrains under new collaboration

News reports coming out of Japan today say that Toyota and BMW will further strengthen their recently developed partnership on producing fuel-efficient vehicles. According to Japan’s Nikkei business daily, Toyota will now supply BMW with hybrid powertrains and hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Nikkei said that Toyota President Akio Toyoda and BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer will formally make an announcement this […]

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Toyota NS4 Headlamps

Toyota announces new framework to make ‘ever-better’ vehicles

When Akio Toyoda took the steering wheel as CEO of Toyota, he said that he would focus more on making better and exciting products instead of cars that would help the Japanese automaker report better financials. That’s all about to start taking place. The company yesterday unveiled a new framework for vehicle development aimed at […]

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Akio Toyoda and Ulrich Bez

Video: Aston Martin CEO and Toyota CEO meet at Nurburgring with V12 Zagato, LFA

Most company’s President and CEO meet at the golf course to discuss business or get acquainted with each other – well, things are done a little different in the automotive industry. Aston Martin’s CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez and Toyota’s President and CEO Akio Toyoda recently met up at the famous Nurburgring track to test drive […]

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egmCarTech’s Top 10 Automotive Industry Moments of 2010

Happy New Year’s Eve to all our readers. While you’ve been seeing many top 10 lists all over the Internet as we say farewell to 2010 one of the lists you’re most likely to come across on automotive sites are the Top 10 Cars of 2010…well, not here (we’ll do one too, don’t worry). We […]

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Lotus celebrates Toyota partnership by giving Akio a special-edition Elise

Lotus today celebrated its relationship with Toyota at a celebration at the British Embassy in Tokyo where Lotus CEO Dany Bahar gifted Toyota Motor Corp’s President and CEO Akio Toyoda with a specially equipped Lotus Elise powered by the latest Toyota 2ZZ-GE VVTL-iengine. “The occasion marked the end of an era and the start of […]

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FoMoCo’s Mulally makes more than Toyota, Nissan and Honda’s CEOs combined

FoMoCo chief Alan Mulally makes more than Toyota’s Akio Toyoda, Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn, and Honda’s Takanobu Ito – combined. The three Japanese heads earned 100 million yen ($1.1 million), 891 million yen, and 115 million yen, respectively. Mulally earned $17.9 million in 2009. Bear in mind that FoMoCo’s salaries are not subject to the same […]

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Akio Toyoda apologizes to Toyota shareholders, bows deeply

In an address to shareholders this morning, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda bowed deeply and apologized for the troubles caused by the recent global recalls of the company”s vehicles. He also gave shareholders his assurance that the company was doing everything it can to improve quality control. “I apologize deeply for the concerns we have caused,” […]

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Toyoda wants engineers to develop affordable, eco-friendly, fun-to-drive Toyotas

Forget for a second that Toyota’s President and CEO Akio Toyoda is a media shy executive who doesn’t really come out of his cocoon to answer questions about the company’s massive recall woes. Before taking up the high ranks at the company founded by his grandfather, Toyoda had a lot of training and mentoring under […]

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