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2016 – First Production 2017 Acura NSX

Video: Holy crap, they actually made one, first 2017 Acura NSX rolls off assembly line

Believe it or not, Acura officially produced their first NSX. No really, they did it. It’s not a “near-production” model or a prototype, or a test mule. It is, the actual, #001, 2017 Acura NSX, and it rolled off the assembly line a few days ago in Marysville, Ohio. Despite feeling like old news, the […]

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Acura to finally commence production of the 2017 NSX in late April w/ video

After many years of teasing and taunting in what could be the slowest, most dragged-out car launch and reveal ever, Acura will finally commence production of the 2017 NSX in late April in an official statement. Years in the making, the NSX has become what some consider to be “old news,” as in, Honda and […]

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First 2017 Acura NSX Scores Record Auction Price of $1.2 Million

The first-ever production 2017 Acura NSX, VIN #001, goes for $1.2 million at Barrett-Jackson

They finally made one! An actual, production, 2017 Acura NSX, with a legit VIN number! After all these years of constant concepts, teasers, and baseless reassurances, “it’s coming, we promise.” It’s almost exciting, because, well, the NSX still manages to feel like old news, despite just commencing production. Nonetheless, the first-ever 2017 Acura NSX, with […]

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Report: Honda/Acura says those interested NSX are to likely be upgrading from a Porsche 911

Honda and Acura are still spilling the beans on their latest supercar, the new NSX, which they said is specifically targeted to those looking for an upgrade from cars like the Porsche 911. CarAdvice spoke to the Honda NSX’s project leader, Ted Klaus, who said for $150,000, the NSX is aimed directly towards those who […]

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2015 Baby Acura NSX Renderings – AutoVisie (2)

Report: More details surface on the supposed new baby Honda/Acura NSX

Even though Acura and Honda are taking their sweet-ass time launching the production NSX sports coupe, word has already gone amok regarding a possible “baby” version of the NSX, and AutoExpress in the UK apparently received the scoop on some new details. AE says this new “baby NSX” is to literally be modeled after the standard […]

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Production for the 2016 Acura NSX delayed, again

And just when we thought the world was ready to accept the 2016 Acura NSX, Honda officially announced, following a report from Autoblog, that the NSX is delayed again, until next year as a 2017 model. As if they didn’t tease the car enough to make it seem like it’s old news now. Even though AutoBlog reports […]

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Spy Shots: The production 2016 Acura NSX gets spotted in the wild

At this point, the new Acura NSX seems like old news–and it hasn’t even reached production yet. But after years–yes, years–of teasing, Acura finally revealed the near-production ready version of the NSX at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. In what could be the slowest roll-out ever, spy photographers seem to have caught the full-production […]

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Report: A baby Acura NSX might actually happen and take form as a Honda

Some new news is buzzing in regarding Honda and Acura with the possibility that Honda could be producing a baby Acura NSX for its own portfolio. Honda’s been kicking their efforts into high gear recently after realizing their brand is in need of a little chutzpah, on top of making competitive mainstream cars. As a […]

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Video: Acura highlights the 2016 NSX’s role as this year’s Pikes Peak pace car

Last month, the world-renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb happened and Acura played a huge role in the competition by providing the 2016 NSX as the official pace car for the event. This was in an effort to continue highlighting the NSX’s slowly-but-surely launch after being revealed at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. […]

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Report: The 2016 Acura NSX might be getting its own track package

Now that the 2016 Acura NSX is finally out of the bag, Edmunds sat down with Acura’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mike Accavitti, who said the new NSX could gain a possible track package for better performance. Click here for our original post on the 2016 Acura NSX from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. […]

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Dorman 85813 Headlight Socket
Motorad MGC819 Fuel Cap picture
Motorad MGC819 Fuel Cap
Motorad MO81 Oil Cap picture
Motorad MO81 Oil Cap
Motorad MGC900 Locking Fuel Cap picture
Motorad MGC900 Locking Fuel Cap
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10X CANBUS ERROR FREE White T10 1206 LED Lisense Light Bulb For Jeep Mazda Lexus

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