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2009 New York: Acura ZDX, the BMW X6 shouldn’t be scared

As excited as we were to see the Acura ZDX with all those teasers keeping us on the edge of our seat, we had our fingers crossed (in fact, we were on our knees praying) that Acura wouldn’t throw on its milk mustache grille on its new crossover. Unfortunately, we were disappointed today here in […]

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2009 New York Preview: Early peek at the Acura ZDX Crossover Concept

Our espionage loving friends over at AutoSpies.com have managed to sneak in the Javits Center the night before the 2009 New York Auto Show to snap a couple of shots before the show officially opens to press tomorrow morning. Here we see a first live look at the new Acura ZDX Crossover.  Make sure you join us […]

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Acura launches minisite for Crossover Concept, aka 2011 Acura MSX

For you Acura fans out there, Honda has just launched a new minisite for the Acura Crossover Concept, also known as the 2011 Acura MSX, that will be unveiled at the 2009 New York Auto Show on April 8, 2009. As of right now the site doesn’t feature much besides wallpaper downloads and a form to […]

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2011 Acura MSX: More details on Acura’s upscale crossover

Yesterday a bunch of images of a new Acura Crossover Concept hit the web prior to the vehicle’s 2009 New York Auto Show debut. According to the buzz over at Temple of VTEC and Acurazine (who originally leaked all the teasers to the Acura concept), the concept hints at the future production version of what […]

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Acura teases crossover concept ahead of New York Auto Show

Just as we started thinking the 2009 New York Auto show may turn out to be boring, Acura has dropped teasers of a new concept it plans on showing in New York next month. As you can see, the concept will be a crossover. The Acura Crossover Concept is expected to enter production in 2010. […]

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