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GM awards A123 Systems with lithium-ion battery packs for future electric-cars

General Motors announced yesterday that it has awarded a production contract to A123 Systems, a developer and manufacturer of advanced Nanophosphate lithium ion batteries and systems, for batteries to be used in future GM electric vehicles. The EVs will be sold sold in select global markets. GM said that the specific vehicles and brands will […]

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A123 battery plant in Michigan won’t depend on U.S. loans, thanks to… Chrysler

A123Systems, a U.S.-based battery supplier who recently formed a partnership with Chrysler, said that it will built its battery plant in Michigan even if it doesn’t receive federal loans. The battery supplier, who also worked on the batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, said that as a part of its contract to build “Nanophosphate” lithium-ion batteries […]

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