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2017 Land Rover Discovery

2016 Paris Preview: The 2017 Land Rover Discovery, this is it

We’re just on the eve of a massive onslaught of new vehicle and concept reveals as we slide into the press showings of the 2016 Paris Auto Show. Helping to kick off the reveals was the recent web unveiling of the all-new, production Land Rover Discovery crossover SUV. A massive change from the outgoing model, […]

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Report: Volkswagen to introduce EV concept at Paris, 300 miles on one charge for the people

There’s no doubt that Volkswagen’s image is horribly tarnished following the infamous Dieselgate emissions scandal, which continues to affect the company today. That said, the outlook for future diesel passenger cars from the People’s Car doesn’t look too positive and to compensate, Volkswagen’s shifting its focus heavily towards production electric vehicles. One of these electric […]

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2016 Paris Preview – Kia Rio Sketches (2)

Official: The next Kia Rio shows up in some new sketches before Paris debut

The Kia Rio is nearly four years old, so it isn’t necessarily old enough to be needing replacement. But that isn’t stopping Kia from moving forward with a next-gen model since the company just released some teaser sketches of one. Posted on the automaker’s global press site, the new official renderings provide us with a very concrete […]

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Report: Mercedes-Benz will debut a new EV SUV concept at Paris this year

Mercedes-Benz is on a product offensive to introduce more electric vehicles, both of the car and crossover SUV type, with the sole purpose to compete directly with Tesla Motors. The latest development comes from AutoCar, who learned that Mercedes will be introducing a new all-electric SUV concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show this year. Speculation […]

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