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2016 Beijing – Acura CDX

2016 Beijing Preview: The Acura CDX is an entry-level crossover that will be the company’s first Chinese built car

Acura helped to kick off this year’s 2016 Beijing Auto Show in the largest automobile market of today with the all-new, entry-level CDX crossover. It’s not only a new crossover to sit below the RDX, it will be Acura’s first-ever Chinese built model. The new Acura CDX is loosely based off of and is roughly […]

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2016 Beijing – Jaguar XFL

2016 Beijing Preview: The Jaguar XFL is the long-cat of the mid-size luxury lot for China

Jaguar is hopping on to the long-wheelbase trend with the all-new second-generation XF midsize luxury sports sedan by adding an extended version for Chinese customers only. Perfect for the market who loves to be chauffeured about, the XFL joins the Mercedes-Benz E-Class extended with models from other companies apparently on the way. When compared to […]

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2016 Beijing – BMW X1 Long Wheel Base

2016 Beijing Preview: The BMW X1 gets extended at the wheelbase for China

The Chinese love to be chauffeured about and the huge influx of odd “long-wheelbase” versions of cars wholly speaks for this trend, and so does this latest long-wheelbase BMW X1, designed for China only. Thankfully, unlike BMW’s recent stunt with commemorating their centennial with what is quite possibly one of the longest and most ridiculous […]

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2016 Beijing Preview – 2017 Lexus IS

2016 Beijing Preview: The 2017 Lexus IS gets the facelift we’ve been promised w/ video

Not too long ago, Lexus revealed a teaser of a headlight and front-profile, which led all of us automotive journalists to basically jump to the conclusion that a facelift is due for the IS sedan. Low and behold, our expectations were recently met as Lexus has revealed the slightly-updated 2017 IS sedan. As we were […]

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2016 Beijing Preview – Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept

2016 Beijing Preview: Infiniti’s QX Sport Inspiration Concept hints at a new mid-level crossover w/ video

Infiniti has big and bold plans in place thanks to Renault-Nissan’s latest pairing with Daimler AG, or the parent company for Mercedes-Benz. This includes the expansion of the company’s crossover lineup, which was last left off with the new Q30…sort of. Now, Infiniti revealed their latest effort in conceptual form, the QX Sport Inspiration, suggesting […]

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2016 Beijing – Audi Q3 Connected Mobility Concept

2016 Beijing: Audi’s “connected mobility concept” comes with an electrified longboard

Audi’s doing all sorts of things at the moment, from trying to boost their EV and hybrid options, to autonomous tech and now, car-to-car communications. Ingolstadt’s latest concept isn’t so much an actual car, but a technological concept, that begins with an Audi Q3 and a longboard. But it’s not just any longboard, but an […]

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2016 Beijing Preview – 2017 Audi TT RS Coupe and Roadster

2016 Beijing Preview: The next-gen Audi TT RS is here to hunt some Porsche Caymans w/ video

With the latest generation of Audi TT going into its third age,┬áit was only a matter of time before Audi unveiled their new TT RS successor following last generation’s model. Actually, speak of the devil, because it’s here, and ready to be revealed for the world to see at this year’s 2016 Beijing Auto Show. […]

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2016 Beijing Preview: Lexus will introduce an updated, facelifted IS

Lexus recently hopped on their PR wire to tease a new car for this year’s 2016 Beijing Auto Show. It suggests that Toyota’s luxury branch will be providing the current IS with a mild update and facelift. This means a slightly new front fascia and headlight design, as depicted in the teaser. The Lexus IS […]

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2016 Beijing Preview – Volkswagen High-Tech SUV Concept

2016 Beijing Preview: Volkswagen shares pictures of new “high-tech SUV” concept

We’re coming up on the 2016 Beijing Auto Show, one of the largest exhibitions in the most populous country in the world, which is also home to the current largest car market. That said, some teasers are beginning to surface for new cars that will debut at this year’s show, with this latest one being […]

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