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Only 600 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloces will be made

Have you been thinking about scooping up Lamborghini’s latest Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce? Well, you better hop on it quick, because Lamborghini officially announced to only be producing 600 of these insane bulls at the Shanghai Motor Show this week. That means you’ll have to be ready to dump $493,095 for one. That price gets […]

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Ford goes full-size luxury with Chinese market Taurus

“Premium business sedan.” That’s what Ford is calling its newest Taurus, designed specifically for the Chinese market and unveiled ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show. While the words “Taurus” and “full-size luxury” may at first seem like an odd pairing, this version raises the stakes across the board compared to its American counterpart. It also marks the first […]

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A new Buick Verano is coming, and it’s heading to Shanghai

If you’re wondering why Buick was killed off in 2008 when General Motors was restructured upon filing for bankruptcy, that’s because Buick is huge in the world’s current largest and fastest emerging automobile market–China. This also explains why they’re bringing a new Verano to the Shanghai Motor Show as it enters the second generation. Due […]

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A new Lexus ES heads to Shanghai and was just teased

There’s a new Lexus ES on the way. But it’s not an entirely new ES, but rather a facelifted model. That’s because the current ES has only been with us since 2012 and thus, hasn’t lived out its typical life cycle just yet. Due for a reveal at the Shanghai Motor Show, the new ES […]

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Report: The Cadillac CT6 should gain a hybrid model in Shanghai

AutoBlog sat down with GM’s Mark Reuss at a press conference, who shared that Cadillac may have a hybrid version of the CT6 ready for the Shanghai Motor Show. “We’ve really got to wait until we finish rounding out the portfolio,” he said at his conference. “The Shanghai show is where you should look for […]

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