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Volkswagen Midsize Coupe Concept Interior

2014 Beijing: Volkswagen introduces Midsize Coupe Concept in Bejing

Volkswagen may be one of the laziest automakers when it comes to naming their concepts and styling cars such as the Passat and the Jetta, but they seem to have put a great amount of effort in designing this car. While they falsely advertise the concept car above as a four door coupe, Volkswagen aren’t […]

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Lexus debuts their first turbocharged car in Bejing, dubbed the NX 200t

There’s a time for everything and this evidently is the time for Lexus, in 25 years, to put out their first turbocharged car. Sure, everyone and their brother is making a 2 liter direct injected turbo four today for reasons of emissions, weight and fuel economy, but what is around the engine is the big […]

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