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Report: Jaguar on the road to launching at least four new models by 2018

A lot of news has been surrounding Jaguar as of recent as the small Coventry-based automaker is really adamant about tightening their aim on the proverbial competition from Germany and Japan. So far, we already know that the Leaping Cat is on the verge of producing an SUV crossover and an all-new compact sports sedan […]

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Jaguar teases new C-X17 Concept, could preview the much-anticipated SUV crossover

Jaguar confirmed to be revealing a new concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show by releasing a teaser on their media site. Judging by the silhouette and the biggest buzz about the Coventry-based automaker, the new concept could potentially preview Jaguar’s much-anticipated SUV crossover. Called the C-X17, the new model will also usher in […]

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