Wind/blocker/deflector, Jaguar F-Type (Thicker) For Sale

Wind/blocker/deflector, Jaguar F-Type (Thicker)

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Wind/blocker/deflector, Jaguar F-Type (Thicker):

  • Cuts Down On Wind From Rear of Vehicle.
  • Helps Keep A/C in Cockpit Area
  • Made from full 1/4" (6.5mm) Premium Quality Clear Acrylic (Not the flimsy 5mm material others sell!)
  • Will not flutter at 135+mph with the top down.The vehicle in the photos is mine! :o)
  • Raised center section blocks more air and fits nicely under top when up.
  • Fits These F-Type Convertibles:
F-Type V6 , F-Type V6 S , F-Type V8 , F-Type V8 S, F-Type R , F-Type SVR
Vehicle Must Have Factory Installed Deflector Receivers on Roll Bars or this PART WILL NOT WORK!!Yellow ovals in the second picture identify the receivers referenced above.

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