tesla battery MODEL 3 2019 super low miles For Sale

tesla battery  MODEL 3 2019 super   low miles

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tesla battery MODEL 3 2019 super low miles :

Tesla Model 3Tesla battery ,MODEL 3 2019 super low milescar was used for us transportation government testing, car had less than 100 miles100% new cells.Tesla MODEL 3 HAS 'MOST ADVANCED LARGE SCALE LITHIUM BATTERY EVER PRODUCED'
Modules internal dimensions for special projects Tesla Model 3 modules are in rectangular shape, the two modules on either side are 67.5 in (1715 mm) long and weight 191 lbs (86.6 kg) each and the two center modules are a bit longer and heavier i.e.73 in (1854 mm) and 207 lbs (98.9 kg). All four modules are 11.5 in (292 mm) wide and 3.5 in (90 mm) thick.

Also each module has cells grouped in to a brick of 46 cells (cylinders). The shorter modules have 23 bricks and longer ones (center) have 25 bricks of cells each.

Model 3 battery pack modules are tightly concealed in hard plastic and heavily bolted to the ground for the safety of the cells and related electrical and electronic systems. Each module has it's own BMS circuit and it can monitor each cell in the pack— another example that Tesla remains ahead of other legacyauto manufacturers.

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