"Sold Locally" 1933Buick91Club Sedan1932Ford1934Coupe Roadster SCTA Push Car? For Sale

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"Sold Locally" 1933Buick91Club Sedan1932Ford1934Coupe Roadster SCTA Push Car? :

This is a very scarce and desirable 1933 vvv Model 91 Club Sedan. The close coupled club sedans were arguably the prettiest of the sedans of that era. The shorter passenger area coupled with the cute little hump trunk on the back really adds to the beautiful side profile of this vehicle. This car has been repainted in the original color combination at least 60 years ago but is otherwise in good original un-restored condition.
The 90 Series vvvs were the largest vehicles that vvv produced at that time. This car rides on a long 138 inch wheelbase chassis and has a 335 cubic inch overhead valve straight eight engine rated at 104 HP at 2800 RPM. I had a restored car like this about 10 years ago and at that time there were only 3 of this model and body style listed in the vvv club directory.
In 1933 vvv produced 4 different series of automobiles. The 50 Series rode on a 119 inch wheelbase and used a 230 cubic inch straight engine developing 86 HP at 3,200 RPM. The 60 Series rode on an 8 inch longer 127 inch wheelbase and used a 273 cubic inch straight eight engine developing 97 HP at 3,200 RPM. The 80 Series rode on a 3 inch longer 130 inch wheelbase and used the same 335 cubic inch engine that was used in the larger 90 Series vehicles.
This vehicle qualifies as a full classic in the Classic Car Club Of America.The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) is about vintage automobiles and the pleasure of the sport. Since its beginning in 1952, the Members of the CCCA have been dedicated to the collection, preservation and enjoyment of the world’s finest cars. Automobiles manufactured from 1915 to 1948 remain the primary focus of that club today. vvv automobiles recognized by the CCCA include the 1930 Series 60, 1931-1933 and 1936-1939 Series 80, 1931-1942 Series 90, 1940 Series 80 Limited and the 1940-1941 Roadmaster 70 Series.
I bought this car from a friend in Sheridan Wyoming several months ago. He bought it several months earlier from a retired rancher there who sold his ranch and was moving away. My friend in Sheridan Wyoming remembered seeing this car driving up "Highschool Hill" in Sheridan back in 1961 or so. This car came to Wyoming from California in 1961 or so. This car has a 1956 California yellow and black license plate with 1958 tabs on the front as well as a loose matching license plate for use on the rear.
Please note the massively reinforced front bumper on this gem and how the fronts of both front fenders are literally beat to hell. Since this is a relatively powerful car that came from California around 1961, I suspect it was used to push a race car at SCTA events when it was still in California. Any help you might be able to give me finding some history of this car would be greatly appreciated. If this was truly a "push car" that would explain the front fender damage that would occur when the back of the car being pushed would slip up and over the massively reinforced front bumper on the front of this grand old vvv.
I believe this car was neglected outside for several years which took a toll on the cloth top insert and interior before it was stored in a barn on the Wyoming ranch. When the ranch owner's children cleaned up the place several months ago, they threw the pair of original spare wheels into a large dumpster so they are now in a landfill somewhere in Wyoming. The pair of spare wheels shown on this car in these photos came with it but they are not correct for this car. I am presently looking for a pair of correct 17 x 4 wire wheels for this car so please help me out if you possibly can.
This car has several of dents and other minor sheet metal issues but I can not find any rusted out sheet metal in it anywhere. As you can plainly see in the two side profile photos, all 4 of the doors line up, don't sag, fit well and latch with a smooth clunk just like they did when this car was built 86 years ago. The wood sills and floor structure are still very solid too. I will check the wood in the roof and add a note here when I get home in a few days. The wood header at the front of the roof opening is generally the first piece to rot on a car of this vintage.
The engine still turns over but I have not tried to make it run yet. If I am successful in making this old veteran run again, I reserve the right to raise the price depending on how well the engine might run and how well this car might drive. At least the mechanical brakes will not be shot as they would if they were hydraulic brakes. I will be gone for most of the next 3 months helping my brother and nephew with the grain harvest at the home ranch in central Montana so I don't know when I will have time to work on this car for a while.
I have been gathering parts to make this car more complete. I located a headlamp assembly for a lens, a pair of horns, more hubcaps, a nice correct taillamp and some lesser items. I am still looking for another taillamp, a pair of 17 x 4 wire wheels and used 17" tires, a clock to fit the hole in the glove box, better front fenders, a better pot metal grille surround, a pair of trunk lid latches, and other lesser items.
Here is a rare opportunity to add a beautiful and very scarce large vvv to your collection. There is now more interest than ever before in finding and preserving "survivor" vehicles like this that are too nice to restore. It is time that these "survivor" vehicles are appreciated for what they are. This car can be cleaned up and displayed as it is in a museum or collection without spending $100,000 or more on a full professional restoration.
I have a lot more photos of this car that I can email to you if you send me your regular email address.I also have several photos of the beautiful brown restored car like this that I owned a few years ago as well as a few photos of a dark blue restored car like this and I can email them to you if you send me your regular email address.
If you like the beautiful full classics of the early 1930's like I do, you might do well to give some very serious thought to adding this gem to your collection. I also have a very nice "survivor" 1932 Franklin Airman 5 passenger sedan that I hope to list here soon when I get it out of my large warehouse. It has a nice original interior with some wear on the front seat. It is still wearing it's original dark blue paint but the fenders and wheels have been repainted black many years ago.
I can arrange delivery of this vehicle or I can store it here for a few months for free if you or a friend are planning a trip to beautiful Montana some time this summer or fall. I am in the process of getting a new Montana title for this vvv at this time and should have it in a month or so. Thanks a lot, Bob Woodburn in Bozeman Montana USA

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