REMAN 2006 - 2009 Mazda 3 2.3L Transmission Control Module TCM TCU >EXCHANGE< For Sale

REMAN 2006 - 2009 Mazda 3 2.3L Transmission Control Module TCM TCU >EXCHANGE<

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REMAN 2006 - 2009 Mazda 3 2.3L Transmission Control Module TCM TCU >EXCHANGE<:

2006 2007 2008 2009 Mazda 3Transmission Control Module Exchange


This is anEXCHANGE LISTING- We will send youa re-manufacturedTRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE (TCM) from our stock, then you will return your bad TCM back to us. Our Mazda TCMs are pre-programmed and ready to install on your vehicle - NO ADDITIONAL CODING OR PROGRAMMINGIS REQUIRED!!!

This transaction requires posting aREFUNDABLE CORE DEPOSIT OF $150 AFTER YOU BUY THE ITEM.No item will be shipped outwithout paying the core deposit. As soon as you return your coreback to us, wewill issue a$150 REFUNDand you willreceive notification in youremail inboxthat the payment has been refunded.Core return is required to activate our 1 year warranty.


How It Works

First, click on "Buy it Now" and pay for the item.
After paying for this item you will have two options to complete the transaction:

Option #1.)Pay the deposit using our core deposit listing. If you use this option, you will have 15 days to return your core. Please use this link to navigate to the listing:$150 Refundable Core Deposit Listing

Option #2.)If you think you need longer than 15 days to return your core, send us an message(useContact sellerlink) after checkout that includes the year/make/model of your vehicle, your email address, and your contact phone number. We will issue a order invoice to your email once we have yourinformation.

Once you have taken care of the core deposit, we will send you our module. Then, after you have installed it on your vehicle and ensured that everything is working properly, send us back your old module. Once it arrives, we will refund your core deposit.Complete details of the core terms are posted at the bottom of this listing.Please make sure to read and understand them fully prior to placing an order.If you have any questions or concerns about this process, feel free to message us, we are here to help.We are extremely strict, honest, and punctual in issuing core refunds. Please refer to our stellar response from thousands of satisfied customers and buy with confidence!!!

This is not just another used TCM from the salvage yard that likely has the same problems as your current module and may fail at anytime, our transmission control modules are rebuilt and updated to eliminate common problems and are guaranteed to function properly!

Part numbers compatible with this EXCHANGE LISTING

L32E189E1B L32E189E1C L32E189E1D

L34T189E1A L34T189E1B L34T189E1CL34T189E1D L34T189E1E L34T189E1F

Common issues associated with a failing TCM:

-Check Engine light and AT lights are on

- Vehicle stays in 3rd gear only (safe mode)

- Hard "kick" on "drive" and "reverse"

- Hard shifting on gears

Trouble codes:

-U0101, U0100 (Lost communication with TCM)

-P0753 (Shift Solenoid 'A' Malfunction)

-P0758 (Shift Solenoid 'B' Malfunction)

-P0763 (Shift Solenoid 'C' Malfunction)


Disclaimer: It is your mechanic's responsibility to pinpoint the problem to the TCM.Solenoids and wiring harness must be tested for possible failure or short. Faulty transmission control modules will ALWAYS illuminate AT light and/or check engine light and produce trouble codes. DIY instructions are provided below, however we highly recommend having removal and installation of your transmissioncontrol module performed by a professional mechanic.


Removal & Installation

Remove the air filter box

Remove the battery

Removebattery tray with computer attached (unplug 3 connectors to the computer)

Under the battery tray you will find the TCM held by 3 screws to the transmission case

RETURNING YOUR CORE- Core return is required to activate our 1 year warranty.- We will pay shipping to you, you'll pay shipping back to us. Free shipping applies only when shipping via USPS Priority Mail within the USA.- Your core must be complete, no missing parts, no water or fire damage.- Part number/vehicle compatibility of core must match- If you or someone else previously attempted to repair the control you are returning as a core, please contact us prior to placing an order. Repairs require special skills and the circuit board could be easily destroyed by an unprofessional approach, resulting in a non salvageable module.-To ensure prompt refund, please return your core within 30 days from the day of purchase.
Your core must have the original protective backing on it. Please view the second photo posted in this listing and compare it to the faulty TCM from your vehicle. If the bottom of your TCM does not look like the photo, contact us before you place an order. Your core may not qualify for the core refund if:
- The protective backing has been partially or entirely removed- The bottom of the module has been sealed with glue, epoxy, caulk, or any other foreign substance- The bottom of the module has been treated with a heat gun
After returning your core, your TransmissionControl Module
will be covered by our1 YEAR WARRANTY.Dealer price for replacementis around $650 plus programming.Shipping & HandlingThe USPS Priority Mail shipping price stated in this listing applies only when shipping within the United States. Optional USPS Express Mail (1-2 business days) is available during checkout for an additional fee. International shipping is calculated during checkout. All international orders will ship via USPS Express International. All USPS Express packages and allpackagesshipped to apartment buildings will require a signature at the time of delivery. We reserve the right to request a signature for any package at our discretion.
ContactIf your question was not answered in this listing, feel free to contact us through messages, we are here to help! Due to the extremely high volume of customers we areattendingto on a daily basis, we respectfully ask that you please only dialeight one eight four two nine four eight eight nine if you have a technical question which cannot be answered easily through messages.
RETURN POLICYIf your issue was misdiagnosed, your problem was not fixed by replacing the module, you ordered the wrong part, sold the vehicle or changed your mind, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. A 10% restocking fee will apply.
If you need a different part number, we may have it in stock. Contact us within 30 days to discuss options.MODULE REPAIR PROVAN NUYS, CA

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