OEM VW Mk5 Mk6 Jetta CBEA CJAA CKRA 2.0 TDI Dual Mass DSG Flywheel 03L105266EH For Sale

OEM VW Mk5 Mk6 Jetta CBEA CJAA CKRA 2.0 TDI Dual Mass DSG Flywheel 03L105266EH

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OEM VW Mk5 Mk6 Jetta CBEA CJAA CKRA 2.0 TDI Dual Mass DSG Flywheel 03L105266EH:

NOTE:IF YOU ARE TUNED DO NOT BUY THIS FLYWHEEL!DUE TO GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN CONSTRAINTS WE ARE SUBSTITUTING DMF092's FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE. We have customers contacting us with car down situations. The difference between the DMF092 and DMF126 is that the DMF092 is designed for 101KW applications and the DMF126 is designed for 140 KW applications. Otherwise this will work in all stock CR140 CBEA/CJAA/CKRA Applications.If you also need a clutch kit click here.If you also need a DSG Service Kit (fluid must be flushed every 40,000 miles to prevent failure) click here.Newest revision OEM 6-speed automatic DSG Flywheel complete with pilot bearing. If your DSG flywheel is coming apartthis is a much cheaper alternative to the dealer. Price includes standard groundshipping. We can also guarantee shipment by next business day for delivery the following day (overnight), or the day after (2-day) via UPS or FedEx.
Follow this link for 6 OEM flywheel bolts to fit this flywheel!(For international shipments, you must contact us to adjust your invoice.)Often we put these in a USPS/FedEx Flat rate box, which gets to you quicker however we have to take the flywheel out of the box it came in in order to fit it in the flat rate box. This allows us to get the parts to you in 2-3 business days, which can save a lot of shipping time for Midwest and east coast customers.
Fits the Following:
2009-2014 Audi A3 TDI (w/ DSG)
2010-2015 VW Golf TDI(w/ DSG)
2009-2015 VW Jetta TDI(w/ DSG)
2013-2015 VW New Beetle TDI(w/ DSG)
2012-2015 VW Passat TDI (w/DSG) CKRA & CVCA engine codes
(These are the North American models with confirmed compatibility; this flywheel does fit other vehicles on the international market. It will fit almost any 140 HP Common Rail TDI. Contact us if you have questions.)Retails for over $800 at the VW dealer, get it here for much less!
OEM VW Part numbers: 03L105266EH03L105266CH & 03L105266DC

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