NOS Autolite-Ford D0ZZ-12259-C Boss 429 Mustang spark plug wire set! NIB! 2Q-69 For Sale

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NOS Autolite-Ford D0ZZ-12259-C Boss 429 Mustang spark plug wire set! NIB! 2Q-69:

NOS Autolite-Ford D0ZZ-12259-C 1969-70 Boss 429 Mustang spark plug wire set! Dated 2Q-69. Rare NOS Ford!!! (mid-on 1969 KK's and 1970 KK Boss 429 Mustangs). 
 NOS Ford in the original Autolite-Ford box! Rare opportunity to acquire the real deal! 
 More Ford shipping tags from Livonia Parts Depot than you can believe (see Steve's history note below)! 
 Excellent NOS condition NIB! Minor factory ink skip on wire #6. See photo 5. Otherwise absolutely mint and crisp!
 Original Autolite "KW" boot components! Real factory NOS ceramic insulators! No cheapo repros! Original factory silver tags! Real deal! 
Photos are part of the description! Know exactly what you're looking at! 
 Buyer pays $29.95 shipping USA only! This rare part will be well packed! Buy with confidence! Extended shipping time is required. 
Note: Factory sheathing on wires #7 & #8. That's the way these wires came from Ford sports fans! Regardless of what anyone else thinks they know! We've had at least 2 dozen plus NOS Autolite wire sets over all the years! Early days, we traded NOS wire sets to all the major players! Wire sets 1Q-69, 2Q-69 and 3Q-69, had factory sheathing! Early wire sets 4Q-68 did not! (Our repro wires 1Q-69 and 3Q-69 always have the sheathing installed!)
Boss Performance 
 900 mile original paint KK car is NOT included! Everybody now wants a late-run Grabber Orange car! 
 History: This NOS wire set was shipped to Stepp Ford in Anchorage Alaska! Stepp had received a Boss 429 Mustang that was re-routed from Tasca Ford all the way up to Seward's Folly in 1969! They also received a 1970 model too! We bought all John Stepp's spare NOS Ford Boss 429 parts!

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