NEW OEM VW Touareg V10 5.0L AYH TDI Diesel Engine Long Block Semi Complete 04-08 For Sale

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NEW OEM VW Touareg V10 5.0L AYH TDI Diesel Engine Long Block Semi Complete 04-08:

Discontinued by VW (and when they had them they wanted $20,000 for them!) brand new semi complete VW Touareg V10 engine. A few years back we had an Audi Q7 V12 TDI, we are known for getting in what others cannot. Our last batch of 7 BKW's sold rather quickly. There was no option for turbo or manifold on them. We scoured the globe for more and found 9 AYH's. We also have an option to get this with a turbo and manifold! If you need an engine, likely you need a turbo. And likely your manifold is cracked. Call us if you want a turbo and manifold with this purchase. When just about anything requires an engine out service this is what will keep your Touareg running for many more years. Pistons, rods and crank are not available separately from VW, you have to get a whole engine. Includes the Following ($8998):Known maintenance items that you get replaced with a whole engine:Comes with 10 brand new injectors (VW wants $700 each) Camshafts/lifters ($3000)Glow plugs ($30/ea)Tandem pumps ($1000/pair)Alternator ($1000)etc.. Available Extras: 1x Left Side turbo - 07Z145873H - $2431.43 from dealer - Limited stock in Germany1x Right Side Turbo - 07Z145874H - $2431.43 from dealer - Limited stock in Germany1x Left Side Manifold - 07Z253033AC - $1098.46 from dealer - Limited stock in Germany1x Right Side Manifold - 07Z253034S - $1098.46 from dealer - dropped without replacement Only available as a package of all 4 for $3002. Fits the Following: 2004-2008 VW Touareg V10 TDI Note: While this is a 2004 engine it will work in the 2005-2008 models, there are some minor differences in the later engines - the EGR cooler as well as the plumbing for EGR cooler for example. The base long block is still the same. If you have a later vehicle you may need to reuse some of your existing accessories. Price does not include freight shipping, which varies from about $395-595 to a commercially zoned address depending on where in the US you are. You must contact us for a shipping quote as displayed rates are best guesses. Feel free to contact us regarding our products and freight shipping quotes. We are available M-F 8am-5pm Pacific Time.

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