Mercedes Benz AMG Project One 2018 Welcome Kit RARE Formula One Lighted Box For Sale

Mercedes Benz AMG Project One 2018 Welcome Kit RARE Formula One Lighted Box

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Mercedes Benz AMG Project One 2018 Welcome Kit RARE Formula One Lighted Box:

For sale is an extremely rare Mercedes Benz AMG Project One Welcome Kit. I'm not sure what constitutes a "complete" kit, but I have never see a few of these items and certainly not grouped together. Most of these are dated 2018 and I assume the kits were sent to buyers of what was at the time AMG Project One and has since been deemed AMG One. Only 275 examples of the vehicle will be produced as is noted on many of the items in this kit. I believe all 275 have been sold out nearly from the beginning but have yet to be delivered. I purchased this kit from what I believe was one of the future owners who unfortunately passed away. The kit includes several extremely high quality marketing materials. The sale includes:
  • AMG Project One access code portfolio: I believe this is suede leather and of very high quality. It is rigid portfolio and is embossed with "Project One" on the outside. On the inside, there is a card on one side with a personal access code (I have blacked out the code itself in the pictures) and an envelope on the other side held in by a red ribbon. Inside the envelope is a card with a really cool iridescent picture of the Project One. It appears it is intended to hold some sort of card which is either missing or came with something other than this kit.
  • AMG Project One 2018 Season display box: This is probably the coolest thing in the kit. It is a very high quality box, I believe it is some sort of wood covered with a black covering. The lid is embossed with the Project One logo and fits perfectly in the top of the box. When you remove the lid, the backside had an acrylic graphic attached depicting what I believe were the locations the Project One would be presented in 2018. When you insert the lid into a slot in the back of the box, LED's illuminate the acrylic graphic for about ten seconds. I included images of it both with the light on and with the light off. The cards inside the box give more details about each event, and I believe a trip to one of them may be included with the purchase of a Project One as the black pamphlet inside discusses one "booking" that can be made with AMG unlimited guest management. Please note that the bottom of the box has some marks on it and two of the corners appear to have some very slight damage which I presume was from shipping.
  • AMG Project One acrylic drawing with stand: This is a graphic of the AMG Project one between two very thick pieces of acrylic. It's about an inch think in total and says "1 of 275" in the bottom right corner.
  • AMG Project One Calendar: This is a large 2018 wall calendar. The cover of the calendar is a holographic shifting image of the vehicle. Is measures approximately two x three feet and will most likely be shipped in a separate package from the other items given it's size.
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