McLaren F1 GTR Rear Emblem Badge for the Mclaren F1 GTR 1992-1998 Collectible For Sale

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McLaren F1 GTR Rear Emblem Badge for the Mclaren F1 GTR 1992-1998 Collectible :

The Greatest Vehicle of all time, McLaren F1 GTR Rear Emblem Badge for the McLaren F1 1992-1998 A badge for only 106 cars ever built, Fetching over $20M today, this item isn't for everyone. Only 28 F1 GTR were ever built which makes them even rarer! Nine were built in 1995-spec, nine in 1996-spec, and ten more in 1997-spec For the McLaren F1 GTR, however, it can obviously be used in any application, or as a collectors item! Vehicle placement on rear right of F1 GTR as shown in pic 3 and 4. Actual item you will get pic 1 and 2 (Front and Back) Listing is for F1 McLaren REAR emblem badge only Measurements approx. 4.7 x 2 inches Brand New as shown front and back, if you are viewing this you know this item is priceless, especially if you have a $20M F1 GTRCollectors and F1GTR owners, this item is ultra rare in amazing collector condition after over 23 years of it not being produced!Grab it today chances are you won't see another one ever! Due to the nature of our bespoke high end products please follow our specific guidelines for our listings, read descriptions and ask any questions prior to purchasing Honest and straight forward clients are always welcome, We report all internet crime to the FBI via IC3, your local law enforcement, along with and PayPal so scammers beware! All pics within this listing are actual, and all items will be insured during transit for full value paid, All items are also recorded at time of packaging. If you are outside the USA then contact us prior to purchasing an item to make sure we ship to your location, along with our accepted payment methods.

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