Jaguar XJ6 series II,III fuel injected cars a NOS Lucas thermotime switch 30491 For Sale

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Jaguar XJ6 series II,III fuel injected cars a NOS Lucas thermotime switch 30491:

For fuel injected Jaguar XJ6 series II, III 1978-1987 models, a NOS thermotime switch for the fuel injection. Long unavailable and discontinued. We are the Sport and Classic Car Company located in Houston Texas since 1976. We supply new parts for Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars built from 1946-2021. We supply restoration services, rebuilding work, repairs and parts for a great many cars built in England. We have large stocks of original new old stock Lucas, Girling, Lockheed, BMC, Rover, British Leyland, Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Mini, Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts and have parts for many other British marques. Check our other listings for rare and unusual parts as well as interesting pieces! We have an inventory of new old stock parts from British car dealers that retired and import parts houses that closed. Many NOS parts have been stored away for decades and are now coming to the surface. Parts data was kept on paper key card files by hand as computers did not exist so listing and identifying parts now is a laborious process. We have made a lot of car owners very happy with rare and basically unavailable NOS parts we have been able to provide. These parts are generally excellent for restorations or for owners wanting the best quality parts remaining. All of our sales are items that help raise funds for animal rescue. handles the proceeds from these sales and makes the disbursements to 503C animal rescue groups. Some of the parts are ours and others have been donated by our automotive clients that are aware of our animal rescue efforts. Preparing and selling the parts is essentially a free service we provide car part donors. They get the parts out of their life without a hassle and enjoy knowing where the proceeds go.

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