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HHO Hydrogen Trucker Cell :

HG 9X16 Hydroxy Gas™ Trucker Cell Block9”x 16”x 4.5” Cell block. 12 cells inside ,13 plates. Perfect for 12 volt or 24 volt DC power, HHO boosting 12L to 16L diesel engines. Produces 3 LPM (3 liters per minute of (-) charged Hydroxy® Gas) 25 amps x 13.7 volts. Perfect rate for a 15L engine. We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce™ H2O sealed, series cell design. Bob is a retired DOD scientist. Our HHO cells produce a higher quality of HHO gas, that not too many can compare. Our cells produce 90%+ ortho (-) Hydroxy Gas™ that magnetically bonds to carbon (+) BURN ALL THE FUEL YOU PURCHASE with Bob Boyce™ Hydroxy Gas and no more hot burning fuel down your exhaust manifold to be re-burned in the DEF filter.We are just selling the cell block on this site. The other parts : PWM controller and Water tank are on our Hydrogen Garage Site. Do a search to find us, sorry we are not allowed to put links on this page. We do offer HHO Kit includes PWM Controller and Digital Dash display box. 3 tank sizes to choose from. 1 Gallon Low Profile Tank•2 Gallon Low Profile Tank•2.5 Gallon Tank with or without straps.10” filter dryer. 20’ hose, clamps, ties, fittings, instructions. You install into your own tool box or built in compartment. We show you how. HydrogenGarage dot calm.You only need a small amounts of this static cling form of hho gas from water, that BONDS to carbon! Two year warranty on all parts!. The B2 HHO Booster cell system is easy to install. Hook up 3 wires, one cable and one air hose to the air filter box. Simple install.Design your own SS box, 18" high x 12" to 18" wide, 12" to 18" deep. Save money, use an existing tool box hanging on the rail already!30 years of research behindBob Boyce®'s Series Cell 1981 patent design, electronically cleansed and conditioned to his spec.s, with the correct square wave ON/OFF shock pulsing to create the highest % of (-) ortho hydrogen and oxygen. (4x's more powerful form of HHO) We can take out the Nox emission as well. Add a water/bubbler tank, run the hose to the hydroxy® dryer, then into your air filter box. Run 2 cables to your battery. Run an Audio cable to a digital dash display with ON/OFF switch. Fill the water tank with 10% NaOH and distilled water. Just add WATER (Distilled or R.O. water, reverse osmosis water) at every gas station fill up, you fill the water tank. Easy maintenance.

This HHO kit saves you money. Burn all the fuel you purchase, rather than have 20% of it going un burned out the exhaust pipe. Cleans diesel emissions better than anything CARB could ever come up with to clean up the air. This cell system will get you 10% to 22% MPG gains on a 12L- 16L diesel CAT or Cummins engines. ( 10% in USA trucks, 20% better gains in Euro trucks, same engine.30% better on 5L to 7L engines as well! Runs on 25 amps. 30 year technology behind Bob Boyce®'s Hydroxy® Catalytic Gas technology (We grow gold on the hydrogen side of the plates, in our catalytic process, the gas quality of power. goes up to 4 to 10x’s more powerful. A higher quality level of negative charged hydrogen and an static ortho spin state of the HHO gas, just below the deuterium levels of detonation = more torque more horsepower at the same timing your engine is programmed to We can even take down the Nox emissions. Many satisfied customers! 25% is acheived on older CAT or CUMMINS 12L to 15L diesel engines, with no ECM. Modern trucks get 10%, Euro trucks get 20%! We have EFIE’s to adjust the CIT, AIT and MAP booster signals, then you can see the 20% gains. Contact us for more info.

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