Ford ECM ECU Repair & Return Engine Computer. Ford ECM Repair For Sale

Ford ECM ECU Repair & Return Engine Computer.  Ford ECM Repair

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Ford ECM ECU Repair & Return Engine Computer. Ford ECM Repair:


Ford Engine Computer

Repair & Return

Ford ECM Repair


All Years & Models Ford ECM ECU PCM repair (We will not repair the ECM for 2005 Ford Escape)

If you do not see your part number listed we can still repair your part. Contact us for direction the the listing best fitting your application.


*Free return shipping

*Plug & Play upon return

Photo is a stock photo and may not fully represent the item listed.

**This is aRepair & Returnfor your part. By purchasing this listing you are agreeing to send us your part for repair. We will fix your computer upon arrival at SIA Electronics.

Contact Information:

Please include your contact information when sending in your parts.

Name, Phone Number, & Address

Please include a short description of problems you are having with your part.

Ex: Issues with coils or injectors, Issues with IAC, or No Start


SIA Electronics offers this repair service with a fast turnaround time once we have received your part at our shop. Return shipping via UPS ground can take up to 5 days depending on where you are located. If you need faster shipping arrangements can be made.

When sending in your part it is necessary to take precautions to ensure that your part arrives in the same condition that it was shipped. Please use protective layers such as bubble wrap & packing peanuts when shipping your part.

Ship To:

SIA Electronics

730 N. Minnie St.

PO Box 392

Tilden, IL 62292


SIA Electronics offers aLIFETIME WARRANTYon all repair services. Warranty is for replacement of the part only. If there is a problem with the item please notify us prior to altering or installing the item. Altered, abused, or improperly installed items will void the warranty and are not returnable. Warranty is not transferable. Warranty does not cover shipping, labor, towing, rentals, storage, legal fees, lost wages, or any other incidental fees.

If a part is not able to be repaired we will contact you to go over options.

Test Fee:

Not all electronic parts are repairable. Sometimes the damage is far too great to fix. If you part is found to be in good working condition there will be a test fee of $89.99 issued to you, the customer (Return shipping is still included in the test fee). The remainder of the original price charged will be refunded. If your part is found to be not repairable there will be a charge of $25

International Buyers:

Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Please check with your country’s customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to offerding or buying.

SIA Electronics offers repair/re-manufacturing of all makes and models of automotive ECU (electronic control unit) and PCM (powertrain control module), both domestic models and import models. Our prices are the best in the business and our quality is unmatched. The ECU and/or PCM is a very important module in any car and we are the experts at testing and repairing them. These modules are in demand for many makes and models and buying a re-manufactured one from the dealership or from an unknown internet sales company can cost double what we charge for the repair of your module, then the added unknown of needing it programmed to your vehicle can really add to the price. Repairing the vehicles original computer is almost always a better option. Call to inquire about all modules we are able to test and repair.

Our parts are disassembled, tested, and repaired. Then they are sealed and cleaned to give a clean appearance. After opening the computer a thorough visual inspection is made, we then hook the computer up to our vehicle simulator which can perform all necessary functions to ensure that the computer is in working order when returned. Most parts can then be updated to the newest software available from the manufacturer.

This listing is for a REPAIR & RETURN for all Ford ECM/ECU/PCM modules. Any Ford ECM/ECU/PCM with -12A650- in the OE part number can be repaired.

Ford ECM/ECU/PCM family numbers available:

DPC-315 DPC-401 DPC-402 DPC-405 DPC-411

DPC-412 DPC-415 DPC-421 DPC-422 DPC-425

DPC-427 DPC-428 DPC-431 DPC-432 DPC-435

DPC-441 DPC-451 DPC-452 DPC-455 DPC-461

DPC-462 DPC-471 DPC-491 DPC-492 DPC-612

DPC-633 DPC-653 DPC-658 DPC-808 DPU-231

DPU-231A DPU-231T DPU-232 DPU-232A DPU-232T

DPU-251 DPU-251A DPU-251T DPU-252 DPU-252A

DPU-252T DPU-431A DPU-431T DPU-432A DPU-432T

DPU-441 DPU-441T DPU-442 DPU-442T DPU-461

DPU-461T DPU-462 DPU-462T DPU-465 DPU-465T

DPU-475 DPU-475T EFI-MA46 HBO-280 HBO-281

HBO-283 HBO-284 HBO-285 HBO-287 HBO-331

HBO-340 HBO-350 HBO-351 HBO-360 HBO-361

HBO-362 HBO-422 HBO-423 HBO-424 HBO-425

HBO-XXX HPC-311 HPC-312 HPC-313 HPC-314

HSO-230 HSO-231 HSO-232 HSO-233 LBO-210

LBO-520 LBO-522 LBO-524 LBO-525 LBO-526

LBO-527 LBO-840 LBO-841 LBO-842 LBO-843

LBO-845 LBO-850 LBO-A02 LBO-A03 LBO-A05





LBO-C55 LEE-101 LP2-310 LP2-311 LP2-315

LP2-316 LP2-316E LP2-320 LP2-321 LP2-323

LP2-324 LP2-352 LP2-352E LP2-356 LP2-356E

LP2-370 LP2-375 LP4-331 LP4-332 LP4-335

LP4-336 LPE-101 LPE-107 LPE-307 LPE-307V

MD1-F1501 MD1-F1503 MD1-F2603 MD1-F2604 MG2-E5621

MG2-E5622 MG2-E5623 MG2-E5624 MG2-E5626 MG2-E5721

MG2-E5722 MG2-E5723 MG2-E5724 MG2-E5725 MG2-E5727

MG2-E5728 MG2-E5811 MG2-E5812 MG2-E5813 MG2-E5814

MG2-E5815 MG2-E5817 MG2-E5818 MG3-L1711 MG3-L1712

MG3-L1721 MG3-L1722 MG3-L1731 MG3-L1732 ML1-101

ML1-111 ML1-112 ML1-113 ML1-210 ML1-211

ML1-231 ML1-311 ML1-331 ML1-421 ML1-422

ML1-441 ML1-442 ML2-101 ML2-102 ML2-111

ML2-112 ML2-121 ML2-201 ML2-202 ML2-211

ML2-212 ML2-301 ML2-302 ML2-303 ML2-304

ML2-306 ML2-306X ML2-307 ML2-308 ML2-308X

ML2-309 ML2-309A ML2-30A ML2-30B ML2-30C

ML2-30D ML2-30E ML2-311 ML2-312 ML2-316

ML2-317 ML2-321 ML2-322 ML2-33 ML2-331

ML2-332 ML2-333 ML2-334 ML2-334A ML2-335

ML2-336 ML2-337 ML2-338 ML2-339 ML2-351

ML2-352 ML2-353 ML2-354 ML2-355 ML2-371

ML2-402 ML2-403 ML2-405 ML2-406 ML2-411

ML2-412 ML2-413 ML2-416 ML2-431 ML2-432

ML2-441 ML2-442 ML2-451 ML2-461 ML2-463

ML2-473 ML2-481 ML2-482 ML2-486 ML2-487

ML2-4B1 ML2-4B2 ML2-4C1 ML2-4D1 ML2-4H1

ML2-4H2 ML2-511 ML2-512 ML2-621 ML2-711

ML2-712 ML2-831 ML2-832 ML2-832A ML2-833

ML2-833A ML2-841 ML2-842 ML2-842A ML2-843

ML2-843A ML2-844 ML2-844A ML2-861 ML2-862

ML2-862A ML2-863 ML2-871 ML2-872 ML2-891

ML2-892 ML2-8A1 ML2-8A1A ML2-8B1 ML2-8B1A

ML2-8B2 ML2-8B2A ML2-8C1 ML2-8C2 ML2-8D1

ML2-8D1A ML2-8D2 ML2-8D2A ML2-8E1 ML2-8E1A

ML2-8E2 ML2-8E2A ML2-941 ML2-951 ML2-952

ML2-971 ML2-972 ML2-981 ML2-982 ML2-A03

ML2-A04 MLC-141 MLC-211 MLC-221 MLC-251

MLC-321 MLC-371 MLC-381 MLC-411 MLC-421

MLC-422 MLC-431 MLC-431A MLC-441 MLC-451

MLC-456 MLC-456A MLC-461 MLC-462 MLC-462A

MLC-463 MLC-463A MLC-466 MLC-466A MLC-467

MLC-467A MLC-481 MLC-496A MLC-497 MLC-497A

MLC-498 MLC-498A MLC-4A1 MLF-4G1 MLF-4G2

MLF-4G7 MLF-4K1 MLF-4K2 MLF-520 MLF-521

MLF-522 MLF-523 MLF-530 MLF-531 MLF-532

MLF-533 MLM-100 MLM-110 MLM-111 MLM-120

MLM-121 MLP-421 MLP-422 MLP-XXX MLT-111

MLT-112 MLT-113 MLT-114 MLT-211 MLT-212

MLT-213 MLT-214 MLT-311 MLT-312 MLT-413

MLT-414 MLT-511 MLT-513 MLT-514 MN2-L350E

MN2-L350F MN2-L350G MN2-L350H MN2-L350I MN2-L350J

MN2-L350K MN2-L350L MN2-L350M MN2-L350N MN2-L350P

MN2-L350Q MN2-L351E MN2-L351F MN2-L352A MN2-L352B

MN2-L352C MN2-L352D MN2-L352E MN2-L352F MN2-L352G

MN2-L352H MN2-L352J MN2-L352K MN2-L361A MN2-L361B

MN2-L361C MN2-L361D MN2-L361E MN2-L361F MN2-L361G

MN2-L361K MN2-L361L MN2-L361M MN2-L361N MN2-L37A3

MN2-L37A4 MN2-L37AA MN2-L37AB MN2-L37B3 MN2-L37B4

MN2-L37BA MN2-L37BB MN2-L37C3 MN2-L37C4 MN2-L37CA

MN2-L37CB MN2-L37D3 MN2-L37D4 MN2-L37DA MN2-L37DB

MN2-L37E3 MN2-L37E4 MN2-L37EA MN2-L37EB MN2-L37F3

MN2-L37F4 MN2-L37G3 MN2-L37G4 MN2-L37L1 MN2-L37L2

MN2-L37M1 MN2-L37M2 MN2-L37N1 MN2-L37N2 MN2-L37P1

MN2-L37P2 MN2-L37R1 MN2-L37R2 MN2-L37S1 MN2-L37S2

MN2-L37T1 MN2-L37T2 MN2-L37U1 MN2-L37U2 MN2-L37V1

MN2-L37V2 MN2-L37W1 MN2-L37W2 MN2-L37WA MN2-L37WB

MN2-L37X1 MN2-L37X2 MN2-L37XA MN2-L37XB MN2-L37YA

MN2-L37YB MN2-L37ZA MN2-L37ZB MP2-111 MP2-112

MP2-113 MP2-114 MP2-121 MP2-131 MP2-151

MP2-152 MP2-154 MP2-155 MP2-171 MP2-172

MP2-181 MP2-182 MP2-18B MP2-18C MP2-191

MP2-1A0 MP2-1A1 MP2-1A2 MP2-1D2 MP2-1E0

MP2-21A MP2-21B MP2-23A MP2-23B MP2-24A

MP2-25A MP2-25B MP2-25C MP2-27A MP2-27B

MP2-28A MP2-2B3 MP2-31A MP2-31B MP2-33A

MP2-33B MP2-34A MP2-35A MP2-35B MP2-37A

MP2-37B MP2-38A MPC-111 MPC-141 MPC-142

MPC-143 MPC-14A MPC-14B MPC-14C MPC-14D

MPC-14E MPC-14F MPC-14G MPC-14H MPC-155

MPC-156 MPC-157 MPC-15B MPC-15C MPC-160

MPC-161 MPC-175 MPC-176 MPC-177 MPC-178

MPC-185 MPC-186 MPC-187 MPC-188 MPC-189

MPC-195 MPC-196 MPC-197 MPC-198 MPC-19D

MPC-201 MPC-202 MPC-204 MPC-205 MPC-206

MPC-207 MTC-101 MTC-301 MTC-302 MTC-321

MTC-322 MTC-323 MTC-331 MTC-423A MTC-424

MTC-424A MTC-431 MTC-431A NCB-200 NCB-210

NCB-300 NCB-301 NCB-310 NCB-311 NCB-312

NCD-100 NCD-101 NCD-110 NCD-120 NCD-121

NCD-130 NCD-240 NCD-241 NCD-250 NCD-251

NCD-260 PBO-230 PBO-231 PBO-240 PBO-241

PBO-250 PBO-251 PBO-450 PBO-451 PBO-452

PBO-453 PBO-454 PBO-461 PBO-463 PBO-464

SID-902 SME-105 SME-405 SME-505 VH1-S4601

VH1-S4602 VH1-S4603 VH1-S4604 VH1-S4605 VH1-S4611

VH1-S4612 VH1-S4613 VH1-S4614 VH1-S4615 VH2-W1502

VH2-W1503 VH2-W1504 VH2-W1505 VH2-W1512 VH2-W1513

VH2-W1515 VH2-W1601 VH2-W1603 VH2-W1604 VH2-W1614

VH2-W1616 VH3-F9522 VH3-F9532 VH3-F9632 VH3-F9702

VH3-F9703 VK2-C2701 VK2-C2702 VK2-C2703 VK2-C2704

VK2-C2705 VK2-C2706 VK2-C2806 VK2-C2807 VK2-C2808

VK2-C2809 VK2-C2810 VK2-C2811 VK2-C3541 VK2-C3542

VK2-C3543 VK2-C3544 VK2-C3551 VK2-C3552 VK2-C3555

VK2-C3556 VK2-C3557 VK2-C3558 VK2-C3561 VK2-C3562

VK2-C3565 VK2-C3566 VK2-C3567 VK2-C3568 VK2-C3571

VK2-C3572 VK2-C3573 VK2-C3574 VK2-C3581 VK2-C3582

VK2-C3583 VK2-C3585 VK2-C3586 VK2-C3587 VK2-C3588

VK2-C3591 VK2-C3592 VK2-C3593 VK2-C3594 VK2-C35A4

VK2-C35A8 VK2-C3681 VK2-C3682 VK2-C3683 VK2-C3684

VK2-C3685 VK2-C3686 VK2-C3687 VK2-C3688 VK2-C3691

VK2-C3692 VK2-C3693 VK2-C3694 VK2-C3801 VK2-C3802

VK2-C3803 VK2-C3804 VK2-C3810 VK2-C3811 VK2-C3812

VK2-C3813 VK2-C3814 VK2-C3815 VK2-C3816 VK2-C3901

VK2-C3902 VK2-C3903 VK2-C3904 VK2-C3910 VK2-C3911

VK2-C3912 VK2-C3913 VK2-C3916 VK2-L2631 VK2-L2632

VK2-L2633 VK2-L2634 VK2-R3501 VK2-R3502 VK2-R3503

VK2-R3504 VK2-R3506 VK2-R3508 VK2-R3512 VK2-R3514

VK2-R3516 VK2-R3518 VK2-R3601 VK2-R3602 VK2-R3603

VK2-R3604 VK2-R3606 VK2-R3607 VK2-R3608 VK2-R3609

VK2-R3707 VK2-R3709 VK2-R370B VK2-R370D VK2-R370F

VK2-R3801 VK2-R3802 VK2-R3803 VK2-R3804 VK2-R3805

VK2-R3A01 VK2-R3A02 VK2-R3A03 VK2-R3A04 VK2-R3A05

VK2-W7705 VK2-W7706 VK2-W7707 VK2-W7708 VK2-W7801

VK2-W7802 VK2-W7803 VK2-W7804 VK3-L570C VK3-L570D

VK3-L570E VK3-L570F VK3-L5713 VK3-L5714 VK3-L5715

VK3-L5716 VK3-L5801 VK3-L5802 VK3-L5803 VK3-L5804


No 2005 Escape ECM will be repaired. It will be sent back not repaired.

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