FAPO COILOVER Suspension FOR HONDA CIVIC 92-00 ACURA INTEGRA 94-01 Shocks Struts For Sale

FAPO COILOVER Suspension FOR HONDA CIVIC 92-00 ACURA INTEGRA 94-01 Shocks Struts

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FAPO COILOVER Suspension FOR HONDA CIVIC 92-00 ACURA INTEGRA 94-01 Shocks Struts:


FAPO COILOVER SuspensionShocks StrutsFORHonda CIVIC 92-00Acura INTEGRA 94-01

Package Includes:

2 pieces Front+2 pieces Rear+2 wrench


-Mono-tube shock design, provide larger capacity of oil and gas

-Adjustable ride height

-Adjustable pre-load spring tension

-Hi Tensile performance spring - Under 600,000 times continuously test, the spring distortion is less than 0.04%. Plus, the special surface treatment is to improve the durability and performance.

-All inserts come with fitted rubber boots to protect the damper and keep clean.

-Improve your handling performance without sacrifice comfortable ride.

-A fast and afFordable way to easily upgrade your car's appearance.

-Easy installation with right tools.

-Ideal for any track, drift and fast road and can also be used for daily driving.

-The accessories in the photos are included

-2year warranty for any manufacturing defect

Technical Specifications:

Spring rate Front: 10 kg/mm

Spring rate Rear: 8 kg/mm

Adjustable height: Yes

Adjustable camber plate: No

Adjustable damper: Non Adjustable Damper Force

Why do you need a spring with higher spring rate?

Because your car drops very low, in order to ensure enough safety, you need to increase the load of the spring. The short stroke spring must have enoughspring rateto ensure that the car does not touch the bottom on different roads.

For the 5th and 6th generation Civic, we have tested a lot of spring, and the final choice of the F10/R8 is the most suitable one.

Why do you choose mono tube instead of twin tube?

Because the mono tubeis filled with high pressure nitrogen, and the oil and gas are separated, the damping force will not decay. However, the damping force of twin tube will decrease due to the oil-gas mixing.If you drive for a long time, intense driving, uneven road for a little long time, you will obviously feel that the damping of mono tubeis much better than twin tube.This is also the reason why the coiloverwith a price of more than 500 USD are all mono tube.

Why is our coiloverprice so low?

The shock absorber with twin tube is more suitable for mass production because of its low manufacturing cost, so most cheap shock absorbers in the market are twin tube structure.The precision of each part of mono tube is very high, the production process is more complex and the cost is high.Our factory produces mono tube coilover for many famous brands. We have a 100000 feet production workshop. The large-scale production enables us to Minimize the cost, so our mono tube coilover can achieve such a low price.

Why is our warranty period 2 years?

Our mono tubo coilover has a 2-year warranty period. If you are not satisfied with our products within 30 days, you can accept unconditional return, so you can use our products safely.

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