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Ducati elite 200 restored ducati mototrans:

Ducati elite 200 restored Ducati mototrans100% restored motorcycle, working well, painted, new tires, cables, new engine, DOCUMENTS, etc.IT HAS TWO SCRATCHES ON THE PAINT, FORK AND SHOCK ABSORBERIt is a sports model from the 60s, very nice all painted and threaded.Ideal for collectors of the Ducati brand.TO CONSULT SHIPPING, BEFORE BUYING !!! We have new and used parts Montesa Bultaco, Ossa, Ducati, ETC ...SHIPPING SHIPPING share multiple pieces, cheaper with multiple pieces in one package !!!Spanish specialists such as BULTACO, MONTESA, OSSA, Mototrans Ducati, Vespa MADRID, Lambretta Eibar brands. OUR store IS: http://stores.shop..com/cienmotos THE MOTORCYCLE IS A DEDICATED TO THE SECTOR OF COMPANY MOTORCYCLES AND SPANISH CLASSIC 1986 !!!!

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