Complete 1,000hp on 93 pump gas Supercharged Viper swap setup. For Sale

Complete 1,000hp on 93 pump gas Supercharged Viper swap setup.

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Complete 1,000hp on 93 pump gas Supercharged Viper swap setup.:

Deal of a lifetime. Refreshed Underground Racing setup. A fully built Gen 3 Viper drivetrain with everything needed to swap into your Gen3 Viper and I do mean EVERYTHING. All parts are top shelf no expense spared. Setup made 750rwhp then I decided to change the stock cam and put in something lumpier and picked up 100rwhp. It's now making 850rwhp on a very conservative tune and is a perfect street car setup.:) Why spend $60k+ building this setup? It's all here for less than half the price and you get to keep your current engine, trans, diff etc or sell it and recoup pretty much the entire cost of this. No cutting up your wire harnesses nothing. Just plug and play and can be built in your garage.

E N G I N E:

525CI, Forged Rods, Pistons (9.0:1cr), Street ported heads, ported intake, Roe TB, Roe 710R Cam (sounds insane), upgraded valve springs, slow bleed lifters, oiling mods, comp coup swinging oil pickup, complete engine with belts, new plugs, 8mm wires, screaming demon coils, 160* T-Stat

F U E L S Y S T E M:

Triple in tankWalbro pumps, billet hanger, wiring, fuel lines with return, billet fuel rails, injectors and Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator.

D R I V E T R A I N:

Built T56 Magnum (TR6060 internals) shifts super easy and super smooth. Driveshaft shop Level 51200hp axles, Built Diff with 3.07 gears. Comes with low mile stock clutch.

S U P E R C H A R G E R:

Fully polished Paxton Novi2000 with polished Air/water intercooler, ~9psi (and still made 850rwhp on 93!).

E C U andM I S C

AEM EMS V2.includes wire harness to put your stock ECUunder drivers seatso your factory gauges, alarm etc work like factory. Custom Dyno tune by Lawrence Macedo for 93 during hot Florida summers. The tune is super safe and the car has a lot left in it. Lawrence spent a lot of time getting the tune 100%, drives like stock without even getting hot while sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the hot Florida summers.

AEM Water Meth Kit. Car is just using it as a added safety for hot days and does not need W/M and is not tuned to take advantage of the extra power it can create. ~50rwhp+ is just waiting to come out on race day.

Comes with 5-1 headers and de-catted exhaust system. It's not loud, has a deep big block rumble down low with the lumpy cam and at idle then turns into that amazing V10 scream at the top end. DOES NOT DRONE.

Comes with Custom modified Viper Seats in like new condition. Front of knee bolster has been cut back but if I didn't tell you, you'd never know it was done.

Has custom Catch can system where the catch can sits behind the rear diff for easy draining and keeping the engine bay clean. Has all steel braded hoses and mounting plate.

Prefer to sell all together as it's a fully system that's ready to go with no bugs to work out. Prefer local pickup, buyer pays shipping.

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