C5 Corvette battery den cover plate Free priority mail USA MADE Lid Top For Sale

C5 Corvette battery den cover plate Free priority mail USA MADE Lid Top

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C5 Corvette battery den cover plate Free priority mail USA MADE Lid Top:

This is a black textured plastic battery den cover for your C5 Corvette. I machine these from black ABS that is. . 120" thick. It fits very well and installs with no tools in about a minute. The plastic that I use is 100% US made and I cut these out in Lincoln, Nebraska. Please note that ABS can be painted but you must use the correct plastic compatible paint or it will crack.The plastic I use has texture that looks great. I will ship within a day via priority mail with tracking. Thanks for looking. Please look carefully at the shape, and the details of the cutouts on my cover compared to those sold by other sellers My cover fits as closely as possible around the battery box and the latch. It is a tight fit but that is necessary to avoid unsightly gaps and holes where this cover meets the parts of your car. Also please keep in mind that I only use priority mail to ship these not parcel post like some other sellers. Thanks for looking!

Sadly I must add the disclaimer that you are only buying the flat abs cover shown in photo 6.  If your car is missing the factory molded fuse and relay cover for some reason you will need to buy one elsewhere as it is not a part of this listing.  You are smart so you already knew that but not everybody is as intelligent as you are unfortunately. :)

I make several other C5 accessories, please click on "see sellers other items" to see them.  

I am happy to ship these internationally but I have received several questions about how that works so here it is. I only ship internationally through the official international shipping partner program. When you buy the item I ship it to their warehouse in Kentucky and they take it from there. I ship these for free so I will take care of getting it to Kentucky, but that is where my shipping obligation ends. At that point the GSP charges you to send the item along to your home country and takes care of any customs paperwork. The price that you see quoted by for international shipping is the cost of this service. The choice to insure it at that point is yours to make. I never collect any of this money and I don't even get to see how much it costs you, nor do I profit from it any any way. Thanks!

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