BMW E30 M3 Convertible Complete Interior For Sale

BMW E30 M3 Convertible Complete Interior

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BMW E30 M3 Convertible Complete Interior:

Very rare and complete original leather covered interior (seats, panels, consoles) which came out of two (1989 and 1991) BMW M3 Convertibles which were never sold in the US. There were only 786 of these cars ever made, which were assembled by hand in the Garching facility in Germany. There are fewer that a dozen of these cars in the US which were all imported from Europe over the years. This cars were custom ordered and were very unique on many levels. Unusual at the time all interior panels were covered by leather and signed by the craftsmen who manufactured them. Most of this set is in Natur color with exception of front seats, the front ash tray and headreast covers which are white. The only non-original part are the door-cards in the door panels which were replaced with fabricated replacements. The leather covered door-cards can be manufactured to original specs with the model-unique stitch pattern. The door panels panels themselves and the pockets are original as well as all the remaining items like seats, panels and consoles are OEM custom made. This set can be easily re-dyed to a matching original OEM color like Natur to make it look like new and uniform.This is simply NOT available anywhere and hence this may be the only opportunity to own such rarity.You can look up E30 M3 Cabrio facts at BMWregistry website. More pictures are available upon request by serious buyers.

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