BMW 7 Series M Sport Front Bumper LOADED 2017 2018 2019 OEM - MUST VIEW!!! For Sale

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BMW 7 Series M Sport Front Bumper LOADED 2017 2018 2019 OEM - MUST VIEW!!!:

BMW 7 Series M Sport Front Bumper for years 2017-2019. THIS IS THE BUMPER TO PURCHASE!! The fog lights, mesh grills, parking sensors with modules and wiring, inside brackets. These items are hard to find seperate and expensive purchased seperatly. There is a large scuff on the right side and minor tab damage that is shown in pictures. The moulding by the right fog light large scuffs and will may need to be replaced. The mesh grill needs to be reconnected along with small repairs needed on the back of the bumper. All areas are highlighted in green. We have over described the damage to be thorough in the desription. Please note that this bumper has not been re conditioned in any way (BEWARE of poorly reconditioned bumpers!!!). We do not ship outside of the Continental US (we reserve the right to cancel and refund any orders outside the Continental US). Thank you for viewing this item and please visit our E Bay Store for our large selection of Highline & Exotic Auto Parts. See below for our shipping policy. We will need you phone number before shipping. SHIPPING POLICY PLEASE READ BEFORE offerDING!!! THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED VIA GREYHOUND PACKAGE EXPRESS, WHICH WILL REQUIRE CUSTOMER PICKUP AT THE CLOSEST GREYHOUND FACILITY WITH THE PROVIDED ZIP CODE/BUSINESS LOCATION. ONCE ITEM ARRIVES GREYHOUND WILL CONTACT YOU TO PICK UP THE ITEM. IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE PICKUP. IF YOU DON'T PICK UP THE ITEM WITHIN 3 DAYS GREYHOUND WILL CHARGE YOU STORAGE FEES. AFTER 30 DAYS GREYHOUND WILL SHIP ITEM TO THEIR WAREHOUSE .WE NEED YOUR WORKING PHONE NUMBER (WITHIN USA) FOR GREYHOUND TO CONTACT YOUTRACK SHIPPING : INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

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