Aftermarket Hood Liner. Fits BMW E9 series 6 models from 1968 to 1975 For Sale

Aftermarket Hood Liner. Fits BMW E9 series 6 models from 1968 to 1975

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Aftermarket Hood Liner. Fits BMW E9 series 6 models from 1968 to 1975:

NOTE: This design is an aftermarket productfor the BMW E9 and is the only design we have if your liner is not the same aspictured it will not fit.

This buy it now item includes the 3 liner pieces for themain section as shown. The emblem is optional and is shipped with the liner. You can install it yourself it’s not allthat hard and instructions are included.

Made of a light 1/4 inch closed cell vinyl nitrile foamrubber that is fire retardant andinsulates against sound and heat. You can wash it and hose it off. It’s extremely light, around 12 ounces, andhas a smooth black finish. It adds a much cleaner look to your enginecompartment, holds up to water, oil, petrol and resists mildew much better thanthe OEM hood pads it helps keep the exterior of the hood cool while notreflecting engine heat back down toward your intake. It's actually made forcovering the firewall and bulkheads in aircraft and is FAA approved.

Theoptions for decals are a 7 inch Red, White, Blue orSilver emblem decal.

Our decals are made of ultra gloss, high performance, 2 milcast vinyl from Orafol and 3M. Heat and UV resistant this vinyl has an averagelifespan of 7 years in outdoor conditions whether hot or cold, wet or dry. Highperformance vinyl also has better dimensional stability to ensure no shrinkingor movement after bonding.

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On most model cars we recommend installation with the hoodoff the car and on a flat surface protected from scratches.

  • To install this liner use 3M type #80 or # 90 spray adhesive or other high temp adhesive for vinyl nitrile foam rubber. Do NOT use general adhesive sprays or sprays designed for carpet. On my own car, 3M # 80 has held up for over 9 years.
  • The hood liner is resistant to water, oils, heat, and mildew but it is not indestructible. If you pull it too hard or gouge it with a tool it will tear. Handle it carefully.
  • It's pre-cut to fit without trimming but if you stretch it don't worry, you can trim it off at the bottom.
  • With the hood on a smooth flat surface and protected from scratches dry fit it to get a feel for the material and see how it lines up.
  • Mask off areas to protect from overspray.
  • Follow the instructions for the adhesive you're using.
  • Spray the hood with adhesive.
  • Cover the area you just sprayed with wax paper. The kind you get at a grocery store. The wax paper should be bigger than the hood liner so you can grab the ends.
  • Spray the hood liner with adhesive.
  • Set the liner into place on top of the wax paper.
  • Line it up and tuck in the sides and corners.
  • When it’s lined, up pull out the wax paper.
  • Press the liner into place.

A fewwords about shipping.

Wemake every attempt to ship within 3 working days of when your payment isreceived as stated under “Handling Time” in the listing. Since “stuffhappens” as the saying goes, delays may occur when Our shop is closed for theholidays, family matters come up, or one of our vendor’s back orders material.When there is a delay beyond the 3 days, you will be notified via email or message. Please check your spam filter for receipt of messages.

  • Hood/bonnet liners, floor padding sets, interior screw kits, hex/socket kits, door bins are shipped by the US Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail.
  • Experience has shown the in transit time for the US Postal Service Priority mail is 2-5 business days. Delays can happen due to missed pickups by the carrier, the carrier not getting back to the Post Office in time at the end of the day and/or weather.
  • While The USPS does provide a label tracking number for Priority Mail, packages are not often scanned and USPS tracking info on their web site is missing or not up to date.
  • Small nut & bolt sets, small brackets, and decals are sent via US Postal Service First Class Package/Parcel. Transit time is about 7 days depending on distance and other delaying factors.
  • International Buyers – Please Note:

    Importduties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.These charges are the buyer's responsibility.
    Please check with your country's customs office to determine what theseadditional costs will be prior to offerding or buying.

    • Hood/Bonnet liners that are larger then 24 inches in length and larger nut/bolt/screw kits are shipped by the US Postal Service (USPS) International Priority Mail.
    • All international packages must be handed to a USPS employee. This requires a trip to the local Post Office and standing in line. There is a cost for this service and it is included in the shipping and handling charges for International shipping.
    • While The USPS does provide a label tracking number for International Priority Mail, packages are not often scanned and USPS tracking info on their web site is missing or not up to date.
    • Experience has shown that transit time for Priority shipments to Canada and Europe is 7-14 days. Australia, Asia and other parts of the world is 14-30 days.
    • Smaller nut & bolt sets, small brackets, and hood/bonnet liners that are 24 inch’s or less in length are sent via US Postal Service International First Class Mail (Airmail, Par Avon). Transit time is about 14 days to Canada and 14-30 days for other countries.
    • Sometimes packages are held by the receiving country Customs or taxing authority for days or even weeks. This is an issue with your federal or local authorities and not with me or the United States Postal Service.
    • The USPS requires a copy of the original invoice be included with each shipment that states the value of the goods.

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